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Popcorn Maker POP50

You’ve just settled down to watch your favourite movie; the lights are dimmed, drinks are poured, cosy blankets are at the ready, all you need to do is hit “play”. But something is missing… snacks and nibbles! You can’t have a movie night without popcorn, and thanks to the POP50 popcorn maker you will never have to again.

Choosing to watch a movie at home instead of the cinema doesn’t mean you have to miss out on yummy treats to accompany it. With this ingenious popcorn popper, you can make fresh popcorn at home to enjoy whenever you feel like it – even if isn’t movie night. Using hot air to cook the corn in a healthier way, you can create a low-calorie snack in less than just 3 minutes that can be eaten at any time during the day.

Once it is cooked you can add any flavours or seasonings that you like; salt, sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, cheese or even a mixture of spices. When the flavour is taken care of, all that's left to do is sit back, enjoy the movie and tuck in!

POP50 Features

Cool-to-Touch Body  

Designed to be perfectly safe to use, the electric hob is deeply anchored inside the the body of he machine so the outer walls remain cool to touch and there is no risk of burning.

For this reason, this popcorn machine can be used near children without any fear for their safety.

Makes 50-60g of Popcorn  

The POP50 comes with an integrated measuring spoon which can be used to measure out the exact amount of kernels needed for a full bowl of popcorn.

This means there is no waste from making too much, and also avoids overloading the cooking hob with too many kernels.

One-Touch Operation  

Once the kernels have been put into the hob chamber, simply place the lid on top of the machine and switch on.

The powerful hob will warm up instantly and within seconds you will start to hear the distinctive popping sound of your corn being cooked.

Perfect Popcorn in Just 3 Minutes 

From start to finish it takes around 3 minutes to create a whole bowl of perfectly cooked popcorn.

Because of the way the hot air cooks the kernels, they are popped by the heat and then quickly pushed upwards and out into the bowl. This means that no corn gets stuck or burnt in the machine, and every single kernel gets popped so you won't be stuck with lots of annoying uncooked kernels at the bottom.

Removeable BPA-Free Bowl  

Unlike any popcorn maker you’ve seen before, the POP50 is unique because it has a bowl to catch the cooked corn, and when it is finished popping you can simply lift the bowl off and take it to the sofa with you.

It's not only hugely convenient but it also saves on washing extra dishes afterwards!

Create the Perfect Flavour  

At the cinema, there is usually a choice between either sweet or salty popcorn. Sometimes in supermarkets other flavours can be found, but those pre-made bags will never have that warm delicious freshly popped taste.

By making your own popcorn you can add any toppings you like, and if there is more than one person to serve, they can each choose their own flavours.