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Elegance Meets Power with Duronic: Introducing the Duronic BL540 Mini Blender, where premium aesthetics meet high performance. Designed with a sophisticated white and gold body, complemented by a stainless steel finish, it stands as a testament to luxury blending. Armed with a 500w powerful motor that effortlessly achieves 23000 rpm +/-15%, you're ensured precision with every blend. Looking for a different hue? Find it in black and stainless steel under model BL530 Mini Blender.

Features & Design – Ultimate Convenience: Embrace a lifestyle of convenience and health with our feature-packed blender. From smoothies, protein shakes, and baby food to refreshing milkshakes, ice slush, and cocktails, the Duronic BL540 Sports Blender has you covered. Its simplistic design allows you to just lock the bottle in place and press the pulse button for your perfect blend. With the BPA-free 570ml bottle featuring an ergonomic grip and anti-leak seal, your drinks are ready to accompany you on the go.

Practicality - Quick and Easy from Blend to Clean: No fuss, no mess! Duronic BL540 mini blender ensures your blending experience is as smooth as the smoothies it creates. The bottle is designed to fit any car or bicycle holder, letting you carry your drinks with ease. Once done, cleaning is a breeze. Choose between automatic cleaning or a simple wash with warm soapy water. Whether you're at work, the gym, or enjoying the outdoors, this personal blender promises a seamless experience.

Health & Personalisation - Tailored to Your Needs: Boost your health game! Consuming 5 fruits and vegetables a day is now simpler. Craft blends that are richer in vitamins and taste remarkably fresher. Be it for bodybuilders, health enthusiasts, or baby food, benefit from no added sugars or preservatives. Customise lactose-free drinks with oat or almond milk, perfect for the lactose intolerant. With personalisation at its core, the BL540 mini blender also caters to vegans, making it the blender for every home.

Specifications - Designed for the British Home: Sized at a compact 35 x 10 x 10 cm, the Duronic BL540 Sports blender is a snug fit for any kitchen. Its 95 cm cable, equipped with a UK 3-pin plug, ensures it's perfect for the British household. Be it a quick breakfast, a meal replacement, or a post-workout shake, the Duronic BL540 mini blender stands ready to blend perfection into your day. Experience blending redefined!

Enhanced Description

Duronic BL540 Personal Blender 500W with 570ml Bottle

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Whether your preference leans towards smoothies, shakes, iced coffee, protein blends, cocktails, or a variety of juices, this compact mini blender simplifies the process of enjoying the health benefits of fruits and veggies.

Featuring a robust 500W motor and a high-speed stainless steel blade spinning at 23,000 RPM, this mini blender offers effectiveness and ease of use. With just a grab of the bottle, you can whip up your favourite recipes in seconds. Suitable for both adults and children, these compact mini blenders facilitate the incorporation of more fruits and vegetables into your diet or enable you to dazzle loved ones with delightful desserts. Enhance your immunity, avoid preservatives and excessive sugar, or just experiment - the possibilities with this blender are limitless.

We provide two versions to cater to all needs: the BL530, available in a sleek Black + Stainless Steel design with a 570ml bottle, and the BL540, available in a stylish White and Gold design, also featuring a 570ml bottle. Each bottle comes equipped with a silicone sleeve for effortless gripping. Additional bottles are available for separate purchase: the BB4, a 400ml bottle, and the BB5 from Duronic, a 570ml bottle.

Duronic BL540 Features


Easy To Use

This mini blender is simple to operate. Just secure the bottle, hit the 'pulse' button, and your drink is good to go. After blending, choose between an automatic clean cycle or a fast rinse with warm, soapy water.

The BL540 mini compact sports blender's ergonomic design also ensures a mess-free experience, whether you're in your kitchen, at the gym, enjoying the outdoors, or virtually any location.


Stainless Steel Blade

Featuring a robust 500W motor, this blender outperforms many of its compact counterparts by blending your ingredients at a swift 23,000 RPM. This high speed is more than sufficient for all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and even crushed ice.

While the blender is designed to be leak-proof, it's important to dry the stainless steel blade after each wash before reattaching it to the bottle to prevent moisture accumulation. Even though stainless steel is less prone to rusting, it's not completely immune to it.


Powerful 500W Motor

Subjected to rigorous testing, the BL540's motor is built to withstand overheating even during extended operation. Crafted for daily usage, it's perfect for individual or household needs.

Please note: to prolong the lifetime of this blender we recommend allowing the appliance to rest for 1 minute between each use.

If you wish to create larger quantities or mix nuts it would be advisable to opt for a BL5 (1.8L) blender.

Duronic BL540 Mini Blender In Detail


Anti-slip Feature

Our mini sports blender is designed with your safety and convenience in mind. The anti-slip base ensures that your blender stays firmly in place during operation, minimising spills and providing a more secure blending experience.

The anti-slip suction cups help prevent slippage, allowing you to curate blends safely.

Whether you're blending a smoothie or crushing ice, you can count on a steady performance every time.


Mini Blender with Compact Design

With dimensions of 35 x 12.5 cm, this mini blender boasts a compact design that effortlessly integrates into any kitchen layout, conserving precious counter space without sacrificing performance. Its optimal size ensures it fulfills your blending requirements while remaining convenient to store.

Plus, it comes fitted with a UK 3-pin plug, making it ready to use right out of the box for our British customers. Simply plug it in and you're all set to blend your way to health and happiness!


Includes BPA-free 570 ml Bottle

Included with this blender is a 570 ml BPA-free bottle—just the right size for any blending need you may have. With a leak-resistant seal on the lid, you can confidently carry your smoothie or shake wherever you go without worrying about spills.

The integrated side hook makes it convenient to attach the bottle to a bag, locker, etc. Its standard dimensions ensure a snug fit in all common bottle holders, whether you're in your car, cycling, at the movies, or more.

Optional 400ml and 570ml bottles can be purchased separately under BB4 and BB5.

Can Be Used Every Day


Baby Food

Infants and young children have specific dietary guidelines that recommend age-appropriate food introductions.

Concerned about the additives, preservatives, and mystery ingredients commonly found in store-bought baby foods?

Concerned about the additives, preservatives, and mystery ingredients commonly found in store-bought baby foods?

This mini blender empowers you to regain control over your family's nutrition, enabling you to whip up fresh, wholesome meals quickly and easily.


Milkshakes and Iced Coffee

Tired of the limited milkshake options at restaurants and fast-food joints? Create your own personalised milkshake right at home with your favourite ingredients!

From gourmet concoctions to fruity blends or classic creamy shakes, you're free to either follow a tried-and-true recipe or unleash your culinary imagination.

Even better, if you're lactose-intolerant or simply prefer a specific type of organic milk, you now have the freedom to select the milk that aligns with your dietary needs.


Cocktails and Mocktails

We're not here to judge your cocktail/mocktail preferences—alcoholic or non-alcoholic, you can effortlessly craft a drink that's worthy of its name.

Without this handy mini blender, achieving the perfect blend of coconut milk, fresh pineapple slices, and crushed ice for a creamy Virgin Pina Colada becomes a challenging task.

Not just for Pina Coladas, this blender is versatile enough to help you create a wide range of cocktails, from a tangy Cosmopolitan and vibrant Tequila Sunrise to a classic Cuba Libre, Margarita, Bloody Mary, and many more—all from the comfort of your home.


Protein Drinks

For both serious athletes and weekend warriors, crafting your own protein shake or energy drink is a breeze with this mini blender.

If you've ever struggled to mix protein or energy powders into cold liquids, you'll appreciate how effortlessly this device solves the problem.

Say goodbye to clumps and uneven textures; this blender delivers a smoother, more uniform consistency compared to a traditional shaker.


Individual Nutritional Needs

This mini blender is perfect for those dealing with food intolerances, allergies, or particular dietary needs, allowing you to craft custom recipes and even mask the flavours of less-favoured ingredients.

No need to scour supermarket aisles searching for the perfect smoothie. With this blender, you can effortlessly create your own blends, avoid added sugars and prioritise specific fruits—like berries and red fruits, which are a better choice for diabetics.


Smoothies and Fruit or Vegetable Juices

Whip up fruit or vegetable smoothies and juices to easily meet the doctor-recommended intake of five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

While many find it challenging to incorporate these nutritional powerhouses into their daily meals, fruits and vegetables are key sources of essential vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and other nutrients crucial for your body's well-being and immune system.

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