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Encased within its protective mesh casing are 5 fantastically aerodynamic blades which capture more air in a single turn than standard 4-blade fans, enabling it to generate more cool air than ever before. Perfect for the hot summer months, you’ll appreciate a fan that moves the air quicker with less noise and effort. The fan stands sturdily on its weighted round base ensuring it will stay upright and will not tip over.


The Duronic FN65 fan has a dynamic 60W motor which will ensure that the blades turn at a high speed to generate cool air quickly. Unlike other fans on the market, this powerful motor sets it apart from other fans as it performs much better and with significantly more power. Additionally, this fan has 3 modes: low, medium and high.


Who needs air conditioning when you can use the multi-talented Duronic FN65 fan? The variable three-speed settings give you complete control of the airflow, enabling you to keep your environment as cool and comfortable as you like. Perfect for around the home or in the office, use this fan at any time of the day to keep the room fresh and pleasant for everyone using it. The fan head can tilt forwards and backwards to help you obtain the best position to direct the air.

For peace of mind, we have given this fan a built-in timer function that allows you to set the fan to run up to 7.5 hours. This is perfect if you plan to leave the fan on overnight; simply set the timer and drift off to sleep in a cool room in the safe knowledge that it will switch itself off when you wanted it to. This will save you energy and give you peace of mind that you’re not leaving a device on for the whole night.


Height adjustable: 115-132cm. 3-speed settings. Fan head size: 16”. Material: Metal and Plastic. Colour: black. Safety features: mesh grill and weighted base. The timer function can be set up to 7.5 hours. 3 modes: low/medium/high. Power: 60W. Plug type: BS Standard 3-pin plug.