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Short Product Description

AERODYNAMIC STANDING FAN DESIGN: The Duronic FN65 standing pedestal fan boasts an innovative aerodynamic design, featuring five meticulously crafted blades enclosed within a protective mesh casing. Unlike standard four-blade electric fans, these blades are engineered to capture and move more air with each rotation, ensuring superior airflow efficiency. Enjoy reduced noise levels and effortless operation.

STURDY PEDESTAL FAN BASE: Experience peace of mind with the robust construction of this standing fan, anchored by a weighted round base that ensures exceptional stability. Whether it's placed on hardwood floors, carpets, or tiles, this pedestal fan stands firm, eliminating worries of accidental falls or instability, even when operating at higher speeds. This base provides stability and security without compromising on the aesthetics of the fan.

POWERFUL ELECTRIC FANS 60W MOTOR: Experience unparalleled cooling power with the Duronic FN65's dynamic 60W motor. This robust motor drives fan blades at high speeds for a continuous stream of refreshing air. From a gentle breeze to a powerful gust, the electric pedestal fan's three-speed settings allow you to customise the airflow according to your preferences, ensuring personalised comfort in any situation.

THREE-SPEED PEDESTAL FAN SETTINGS: Whether you prefer a gentle breeze for relaxation, moderate airflow for everyday use, or a powerful blast to combat intense heat, this standing fan offers flexibility to suit your needs. Easily adjust the speed with the intuitive control panel or convenient remote control providing instant relief or maintaining a comfortable environment throughout the year.

ADJUSTABLE PEDESTAL FAN HEAD: Customise airflow direction with this standing fan’s adjustable fan head, designed for maximum versatility and comfort. Tilt the fan head forwards or backward to precisely direct the airflow exactly where needed, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency. Whether lounging on the sofa, working at your desk, or sleeping in bed, enjoy consistent airflow coverage for enhanced relaxation.

TIMER FUNCTIONALITY: Enhance convenience and energy efficiency with this electric fan’s built-in timer function. Set the standing fan to operate for up to 7.5 hours, perfect for bedtime use or extended cooling sessions. With the timer function, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable environment while saving energy and utility costs. Rest assured knowing that the electric fan will automatically shut off at your desired time, providing peace of mind and hassle-free operation.

VERSATILE USE: Enjoy refreshing airflow wherever you need it with this versatile standing electric fan. Whether relaxing at home, working in the office, or entertaining guests, this pedestal fan is the perfect solution to maintaining a fresh and pleasant environment. Its compact footprint and sleek design make it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, or any space.

QUIET OPERATION: Enjoy tranquillity without sacrificing performance with the Duronic standing fan’s quiet operation. Engineered with noise reduction technology, this standing fan operates discreetly in the background, allowing you to focus, relax, or sleep without disturbances. Whether you're watching TV, reading a book, or engaging in conversation, this pedestal fan ensures a peaceful environment.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT ELECTRIC FAN: Embrace eco-friendly cooling with the energy-efficient Duronic FN65 pedestal fan. Its built-in timer and efficient motor help conserve energy without sacrificing performance. Set the timer for automatic shut-off, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. With the standing fan’s low power consumption, enjoy cost-effective operation and cool comfort while saving money.

SPECIFICATIONS: Height adjustable: 115-132cm. 3 speed settings. Fan head size: 16". Material: Metal and Plastic. Colour: black. Safety features: mesh grill and weighted base. Timer function can be set up to 7.5 hours. 3 modes: low/medium/high. Power: 60W. Plug type: BS Standard 3-pin plug









Enhanced Description

Duronic FN65 Pedestal Fan

Duronic Oscillating Fan FN65

The Duronic FN65 air cooling fan offers a practical solution for combating the stifling heat of summer, whether you're working in an office or relaxing at home. As temperatures soar, indoor spaces can become unbearable, hampering productivity and disrupting sleep. However, with the FN65 oscillating fan, you can enjoy a constant, cooling breeze at the touch of a button, making even the hottest days more manageable.

This black and white pedestal fan boasts a range of features, including a timer function, three-speed settings, oscillation capabilities, and remote control for added convenience. Its adaptable design allows for precise adjustments in height (ranging between 115-132cm) , angles, and wind speed, ensuring optimal airflow throughout any room. Crafted from durable materials and supported by a sturdy weighted base, the FN65 floor standing fan provides stability and peace of mind, eliminating worries of accidental tipping.

Whether you're cooling a spacious living area or a compact workspace, the FN65 stands ready to deliver efficient and effective air circulation, enhancing comfort and productivity wherever it's needed. An electric fan is an absolutely essential addition for any household or workplace. The FN65 air cooling fan will, at just the touch of a button, keep you feeling cool and refreshed all day long by providing a continuous cooling breeze to combat indoor heat and make summer days more comfortable.

Pedestal Fan Features

3 Speeds to Choose From

The FN65 pedestal fan gives you the ability to choose between 3 wind speeds: slow, medium or high. This varies the speed the breeze created, enabling you to tailor it to suit your preference.

The timer is easy to set; simply press the timer button to adjust the timer up to 7.5 hours. This function is perfect if you plan to leave the oscillating fan on while you fall asleep as you can rest assured it will switch itself off after the set time.

Pedestal Fan with Aerodynamic Blades

This air cooling fan features five aerodynamic blades. They provide a consistent and effective breeze while keeping noise to a minimum.

The electric fan blades are encapsulated behind a mesh grill which prevents children or pets from risk of injury increasing security and peace of mind.

Pedestal Fan Base with Extendable Pole

The pole on this floor standing fan can be extended to heighten or lower the standing fan from anywhere between 115-132cm. It's built with strong quality materials and is held steadily on a strong weighted base so you don't have to worry about it tipping over.

Floor Standing Fan with Rotating Action

The electric fan head oscillates around from side to side, left to right, which allows it to distribute cool air over a wider area. The pedestal fan can also be fixed into a stationery position to focus the air flow into one constant direction.

The oscillation of the floor standing fan can be switched on or off on the control panel or by remote control.

Electric Fan with Adjustable Tilting Head

This electric fan is fully adjustable from top to bottom to allow the use of the device regardless of the place you have chosen to fix it into.

The base of the FN65 pedestal fan is weighted so that you don't have to worry about it tipping over.

Remote Control the Pedestal Fan

An added feature of this electric fan is that you can control it with a remote control.

Whether you wish to change the wind speed, turn oscillation on or off, or set the timer, this is all possible through the use of the oscillating fan's remote control.