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Paper Shredder PS712 

Identity theft is a major concern, both online and offline, with an ever-growing number of UK consumers becoming a victim of identity fraud at some time in their lives. If a thief obtains your personal details they can open bank accounts, take out credit cards, apply for loans, apply for state benefits, order online, make in-store purchases, take out mobile phone contracts and even apply for identity documents such as a passport or drivers licence in your name.

Don’t allow this to happen. Take action now and protect yourself and your loved ones from identity theft by ensuring all of your bills, letters - anything with your personal details on - gets shredded properly before being thrown away.

Ripping paper up isn’t good enough as it is easy for a thief to put the pieces back together again, but shredding the documents with the PS815 shredder will cut them into small 35x4mm pieces.

The Duronic PS712 automatic paper shredder is ideal if you have large amounts of paper to shred; if you have a small/medium office or home office, this is the machine for you. It’s durable, strong and able to plough through piles of papers to get the job done.

If you need a shredder with even greater shredding capacity see our other model PS991 which can shred up to 18 sheets at a time. Or for a more portable model, see our mini desk shredder PS391.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Shredder  

It is important that you get the right shredder to suit your needs. There are several important factors that you should consider before purchasing one:

Do you need it for home, a small office or a larger office?

How high security do you need it? Choose from cross-cut for general shredding or micro-cut slicing up sensitive documents.

How often will you be using it? Do you want or need a larger bin to hold more and not need to empty as often?

How much paper do you want to be able to shred in one go?

Where do you want to place it? On a table? Under it? On the floor standing proud in the middle of an office, or in a tight cover in a small space.

PS712 Features

Shreds up to 5x Sheets

The PS712 compact shredder is able to shred paper and envelopes, helping you safely dispose of all your unwanted private documents.

It can cross-cut up to 3-5 pages of A4 paper.

Dispose of Private Documents Safely

In line with the recent implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses and anywhere that holds sensitive data are under greater scrutiny when it comes to disposing of personal data.

With the PS712 shredder this isn’t a worry as it will efficiently cut through the paper into small pieces, ensuring that if your disposed documents get into the wrong hands, they will never be able to be put back together again by the thief.

12-Litre Paper Waste Bin

The PS712 has a 12-litre bin so that the shredder can be used daily without having to be empty it after each use.

To check when it is getting full simply take a peek through the transparent window or lift the top off to view inside the bin.

Don't forget to recycle your waste paper when you dispose of it!

Power & Run Time  

Built with an efficient 200W motor, this shredder will power through tasks with ease.

The run times for this shredder are: 2 minutes on / 45 minutes off.

After the shredder has been working for it's stated run time, it will automatically switch itself off to rest. This automatic turn off function is a safety feature to preserve the motor and prevent it from overheating.

Forward and Reverse Functions

Like all shredders, this model has an on/off power switch, forwards function and a reverse function (to help in the event of a paper jam).

It has an opening of 22cm which is suited for A4 paper. It also has an LED power light to indicate when the machine is ready to use.

Size and Dimensions  

Perfect for any office or used as a home shredder, the size is ample but not too imposing. The PS712 will fit nicely under a desk or table or alternatively, it can be placed on top of a desk so it is closer at hand.

It has a handle that is useful for lifting the top lid of the shredder off of the bin to make emptying it easier.