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Short Product Description

MICRO CUT TECHNOLOGY FOR 6-8 SHEETS: Unlike paper shredders that cut in long or short strips, this paper shredder cuts into tiny pieces measuring only 10x4mm. It slices up to 8 pages of A4 paper in a cross-cut fashion, ensuring that destroyed documents are safely destroyed. It can also shred credit/debit cards into small pieces. Integrated into the body of the paper shredding machine is a large 14 litre bin which will collect shredded paper for a long time before needed to be emptied.

GET YOUR OFFICE GDPR COMPLIANT: In line with the recent implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses and anywhere that holds sensitive data are under greater scrutiny when it comes to disposing of personal data. With the PS410 micro cut paper shredders this isn’t a worry as it will efficiently cut through paper into micro pieces, ensuring that if your disposed documents get into the wrong hands, they will never be able to be put back together again by the thief.

EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE: This is a heavy duty paper shredder capable of working through piles of papers before needing a rest. It easily cuts through letters, envelopes and credit cards. This micro cut document shredder sits on 4 caster wheels for easy relocation and has an in-built safety feature called Thermal Overload Protection; a function that ensures the micro cut paper shredder will never overheat during use.

SUITABLE FOR HOME AND OFFICE: Wherever you have paperwork you need a paper shredder to destroy any unwanted documents which contain personal details. We all have them; bank statements, credit card bills, utility bills and envelopes with our name and address on. No longer will you have to tear up these documents by hand; with the PS410 paper shredders your personal details will stay private and never obtained by anyone else.

SPECIFICATIONS: This document shredder cuts paper into tiny 10x4mm pieces. Bin capacity: 14L. Feed opening: 22cm. Size of micro cut paper Shredder: 33x23.5x45cm. Weight: 6.4kg. Power: 530W. Fitted with a BS British Standard 3-pin plug. Quality and safety tested: CE approved.

Enhanced Description

Duronic Paper Shredder PS410


Introducing the Duronic PS410 paper shredder, an indispensable tool for safeguarding sensitive information in any office or home environment. Engineered with precision and efficiency in mind, the PS410 paper shredder offers superior shredding capabilities, ensuring confidential documents are securely disposed of to protect privacy and prevent identity theft. With its robust construction and advanced features, including a high-capacity shredding bin and multi-sheet shredding capabilities, the PS410 is designed to meet the demanding shredding needs of modern workplaces.

What to Consider When Choosing a Paper Shredder:

It is important to find the right paper shredder for your needs. There are several factors to consider before choosing one:

Purpose: Do you need the shredder for home, a small office or a larger office?

Security: How much security do you need? Choose cross cut for general shredding or micro cut shredding of sensitive documents.

Usage: How often will you use the shredder? Do you want or need a larger container that offers more space and doesn't have to be emptied as often?

Capacity: How much paper do you want to be able to shred at once?

Location: Where do you want to place the shredder? On a table? Underneath? On the floor, in the middle of the office or in a tight storage space.

Duronic PS410 Paper Shredder Features


Cut into tiny 10x4mm pieces

The Duronic PS410 paper shredder employs a sophisticated cutting mechanism that transforms documents into tiny 10x4mm. This advanced feature not only enhances security but also provides added peace of mind as it provides protection for sensitive information. With its ability to shred documents into such small sizes, the PS410 offers an effective defence against identity theft and unauthorized access to confidential data.


Forward and reverse function 

This paper shredder boasts convenient features such as an on/off switch and forward/reverse functions for paper jam situations.

Its 22cm paper opening caters to A4 sheets, while the LED display ensures easy monitoring of operational status, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.


Large 14 liter waste container

The Duronic PS410 boasts a 14-liter container, allowing for daily use without the need for frequent emptying. Its front-facing ergonomic handle simplifies the task of emptying the container when full.

Remember to recycle waste paper for environmental sustainability when disposing of it!


Performance and Runtime

This document shredder is equipped with a powerful 530W motor and completes tasks effortlessly. It has a built-in run time of 3 minutes on / 30 minutes off. The run time cycle is a safety feature to protect the engine and prevent overheating.


Shreds 8 sheets at a time

The PS410 is capable of shredding paper as well as credit cards. This paper shredder will help you safely dispose of all your unwanted private documents. Up to 8 pages of A4 paper or 1 credit or debit card can be cut into micro pieces at the same time.


Size and dimensions

The PS410 document shredder is perfect for the small office or at home. The size is sufficient but not too impressive. The shredder fits comfortably under a desk or any table and can be easily moved to different locations with its integrated casters.