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ERGONOMIC MONITOR RISER: Poor posture - and consequently aches and pains - are often the result of how you are seated at your desk and in most cases making adjustments to improve your workspace to be ergonomically better isn’t too difficult. With our desk risers, it couldn’t be easier to make a huge improvement just by making this one simple addition to your desktop.

INCREASE THE HEIGHT OF YOUR SCREEN: Rise your laptop, monitor or television screen by 12cm with the DM073 riser. Our monitor risers have been fitted in thousands of offices worldwide and are helping customers to optimise their desk space and improve their posture. By placing your monitor on top it is naturally elevated to an optimal position for the user, whilst also cleverly creates space underneath the stand to put your keyboard/mouse/stationery away from sight.

ORGANISE YOUR WORKSPACE: The DM073 has two storage drawers with compartments which are ideal for storing pens and other items of stationery that you need to keep close to hand. Due to its versatile design, the platform is compatible with most monitor screens and small televisions. This riser is also perfect for supporting a laptop or an electronic notebook.

COMES ALREADY ASSEMBLED: Our whole range of monitor risers are exceptionally easy to install as they require minimal assembly. This model comes fully assembled so you can use it straight from the box! It has two drawers that can be used for storing paper, notebooks, cables, stationery or any other small items you wish to tidy away from your desk.

SPECIFICATIONS: This mesh monitor riser is made from metal with a black finish. Non-slip legs for added stability. Weight capacity: 10kg. Colour: black. Platform size: 40x30cm. Platform height: 12cm. Draw sizes: 39x30cm.