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DM052-1 Glass Desk Mount 56cm x 24cm  [clear] 

The DM052-1 desk mount is designed to improve ergonomics of the user by elevating the screen to be more in-level with their line of sight.

Good posture is an important factor to consider when creating a work station or home office. We are all spending increasing amounts of time looking at our computer screens and often, we are not seated and positioned in the best possible way. By ensuring we are seated correctly, and that the equipment is positioned correctly, we can ensure that we are minimising any ill-effects that can come from poor ergonomics/posture.

The DM052-1 stand is not just for monitor screens and televisions. It can also be used for holding a laptop, supporting a games console set up or even to store hobby materials at different levels for easy access.

Quality You Can Rely On

Made of a strong, durable and glossy clear tempered glass 6mm thick, this desk mount will hold up to 20kg. It has large tubular legs with rubber feet to make the unit extra sturdy and also enable it to free up much needed desktop space underneath it.

You'll be hard-pressed to find another monitor stand that even comes close to this combination of quality, functionality and style.

Extending your Workspace

The glass platform is 56cm x 24cm. The glass platform extends from 9cm-10.5cm.

Smooth, strong and simple, this desktop riser is a brilliant solution to creating a better workstation. It creates extra space, organisation and makes the area easier to clean.