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Spring-Loaded Monitor Wall Mount DM55W1X1  [BLACK]

The DM55W1X1 is a single wall mount that holds one computer or television screen. This model is part of our DM55 range which is made with die-cast aluminium coated with a durable black electrostatic finish. The dynamic spring-loaded arm can move vertically on-the-fly; simply hold the screen gently and glide it to the position you need it in, then release. It's that simple!

This model has one arm that has one joint which can swivel 180° as well as be articulated vertically which allows the user to find the angle that's right for them.  As well as allowing you to achieve an ergonomic set up for your workspace, this monitor stand will elevate the screens off of the desk surface, which will free up space that you can utilise for other equipment and accessories.


The DM55W1X1 wall mount is 16.5cm high and the arm is 33cm long, so holds the screen further away from the wall then our DM35W1X2 model and provides a better range of motion.
This spring-loaded arm can be moved upwards and downwards providing even more manoeuvrability for the user. 

Swivel & Tilt Ability  

Each part of the arm has two joints that can swivel 180° side-to-side. This allows you to articulate the arm to different positions to suit your set-up.

The VESA bracket has a tilt ability of -90°/+85° which allows the viewer to make smaller adjustments to each screen's angle to align with their line of sight.

Weight Capacity & Rotation Ability  

Thanks to the fully rotational VESA head bracket, the screen can rotate a full 360° to allow for vertical or horizontal view of the screen.

This mount can accommodate one screen sized between 15-27 inches and with a weight of no more than 7.8kg.

Easy Installation

Setting this screen mount up on your wall is an easy task. The wall fixing is secured in place using two screw fixings, and then the arm placed onto the fixture. Attaching a screen onto the arm is a simple procedure because the head bracket accepts the VESA 75/100 standard which makes it suitable for all PC monitors and the majority of TV screens too. Tools needed for installation are: pencil, Phillips screwdriver, a drill and an Allen key (provided).
Depending on your choice of location, you will also need to consider the length of the screens power cable and if you will need an extension lead or not. Included in the box is an instruction manual which gives detailed easy-to-follow guidance on how to set up your monitor arm.


Ergonomic care has become more of a focus over recent years due to the fast-evolving workforce; with more and more technology being introduced in the workplace, physical activity has declined and it is affecting more people’s health than ever before. A side-effect from this is that employers witness more illness-related absences that could have been avoided if their employees were more active and had a better ergonomic set-up in their working environment. Studies have shown that sitting at a desk with poor posture for long periods of time can affect your health, especially if you already have a pre-existing medical condition.

A major contributor to poor posture is the position of the computer screen. This is because the computer screen is what determines our overall posture; it’s the place our eyes rest upon and where we naturally turn our body towards in an attempt to sit comfortably. If the screen is badly positioned for the user (i.e. too high or low) then they end up craning their head and/or neck to view the screen better, which in turn affects their spine and shoulders. Over time sitting like this can cause pain, discomfort and long-term health problems. It can also put unnecessary strain on the eyes, which can ultimately have a knock-on effect on your well-being, energy and productivity. Ensuring your monitor/s are at the right level can help to reduce orthopaedic/back pain that can occur from poorly positioned monitor screens, as well as ensuring you can work as productively as possible.

Duronic desk mounts are the perfect solution to improve these problems and to create a more organised feel to your set up. In addition to this, elevating your screen off of the desk up onto a stand frees up valuable desktop space. No matter what screen/s you have, what kind of desk you have, we will have a desk mount to suit. Once you have your screen/s elevated to the optimal level you are sure to see and feel a vast improvement. Best of all, our mounts are second to none in quality; made of strong durable materials and designed to meet the user’s needs perfectly, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have one sooner!


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