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Duronic Monitor Arm Stand DMUSB5X1 | Single PC Desk Mount | Headphone USB Microphone Extension Sockets | 13-27” LED LCD Screen | VESA 75/100 | Full Motion Tilt -90°/+85°, Swivel 180°, Rotate 360°

by Duronic
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DMUSB5X1 Single Desk Mount

Ergonomic/Health Benefits: Sitting at a desk may seem like a pretty harmless act, however, if you are working for lengthy amounts of time at a desk staring a screen (which in today's world a lot of us do), then how you sit and position yourself every day can affect your health and well-being.

If you have to look at a screen that is higher or lower than your natural line of sight, your head and neck will naturally crane the same way. This will then have a knock-on effect on your overall posture as your spine and shoulders will all be positioned unnaturally and uncomfortably. Over time sitting like this can cause pain, discomfort and long-term health problems. It can also put unnecessary strain on the eyes, which can ultimately have a knock-on effect on your well-being, energy and productivity.

Ensuring your monitor/s are at the right level can help to reduce orthopaedic/back pain that can occur from poorly positioned monitor screens, as well as ensuring you work as productively as possible. Once you have your screen/s elevated to the optimal level you are sure to see and feel a vast improvement.

Duronic desk mounts are the perfect solution to improve this and to create a better set up for your working area. No matter what screen/s you have, what kind of desk you have, we will have a desk mount to suit. Best of all, our mounts are second to none in quality; made of strong durable aluminium and designed specifically to meet the user’s needs, you will not be disappointed. In fact you’ll wonder why you didn’t have one sooner!

Space Saving: Another great advantage of having a screen support like the DMUSB5X1 is that it takes up very little room on the desk top. It lifts the monitor off of the surface and, in doing so, frees up space on your desk which can be better utilised in more important ways.

DMUSB5X1: Specifications

ARMS: The Duronic DMUSB5X1 is part of high-end range of gas powered desktop arms. This model holds one monitor screen which can be adjusted in several places according to the viewers optimal viewing position, i.e. higher/lower, side-to-side and tilted up or down.

ADJUSTABILITY: The screen can be adjusted by hand with a simple glide action; it can rotate around 360°, tilt up and down by +85°/-90° and swivel side-to-side by 180°. Having this level of flexibility allows the user to turn screens vertically and even turn them around to share them with a wider audience.

SCREEN: The screen fits to the VESA mount which can hold one screen sized between 13-27 inches that weighs no more than 8kg. Please check the holes in the back of your screen to ensure they are either 75mm or 100mm apart, thus ensuring they will fit the VESA mount perfectly.

DIMENSIONS: The maximum support height of the arm (corresponding to the middle of the screen) is 60cm, and the length it can stretch forward towards the user is 52cm.

EXTRA FEATURES: This model has 1x USB port, 1x microphone jack and 1x headphone jack, all of which connect through the back of the stand directly into your PC with a 1.4m cable. Incorporated into the arm is a cable management system to keep your set-up tidy and clutter-free.

DMUSB5X1: Installation

The DMUSB5X1 comes with a strong clamp fitting as standard. If however you would like to mount your monitor stand in a hole on the desk, you can also do this by using a grommet. You can buy a Duronic grommet separately (search for: “Duronic DM-GR-02”).

Setting this screen mount up on your desk couldn’t be simpler to do. The clamp slides onto the back of the desk and is tightened with the bolt until it stands securely. Fixing a screen onto the stand is a simple procedure because the head accepts screens with VESA 75/100 standard which make them suitable for all PC monitors and the majority of TV screens too. All of this installation is done with 2 tools: an Allen key (provided) and a Phillips Screwdriver (not included).

Included in the box is an instruction manual which gives detailed guidance on how to set up the mount.


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The Duronic DMUSB5X1 allows a tilt of -90° / +85°, a left-right movement of 180° on the head, and an all-round rotation of 360°. The desk clamp can adjust to a height of 68mm/6.8cm.

This model is part of our DM5 range, so it is made of aluminium.

No additional tools are required. This type of support allows a maximum load of about 8kg per screen.

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This model has a USB port to plug desktop accessories in to, a headphone jack to listen to audio and as well as a microphone jack. These sockets are all connected through the desk mount into the back of the PC with a 1.4m cable. The stand is fixed to the edge of a desktop with an extra strong clamp, which can be changed to a grommet fixing if you wish to affix the stand on the middle of the desk through a hole.

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We have a wide variety of accessories available for all our supports; depending on the model, we are able to offer parts which can give complete flexibility to achieve the stand you need. We also have poles/stands of different sizes (60/80/100 cm available with 1 to 3 fasteners), extensions and additional heads (some limitations may apply for the DM25 range), grommets for those who do not wish to use the clamp to attach to desk, and supports for keyboards / mouse / laptop / tablet, etc.

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The screen can be rotated in any direction which is particularly convenient for those who prefer to work or view media in portrait mode. This type of support can also be considered for two employees who are placed opposite each other. An integrated cable management system is also provided for a pleasantly aesthetic installation and to prevent wires from hanging.


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DM15: Value range with a combination of limited and increased flexibility depending on the model. (Steel)

DM25: Basic range with better flexibility and smoother design than DM15. (Steel)

DM35: Stronger construction with less flexibility. Arm height can be adjusted without any tools. (Aluminium)

DM45: Solid range. Integrated cable management system. Better tilt mechanism. Arms are longer and stronger making them ideal for large set-ups. (Aluminium)

DM55: Spring-powered range. Arms can be easily adjusted vertically because of the spring mechanism. V-shaped clamp for better stability. (Aluminium)

DM65: Gas-powered range. Arms can be adjusted smoothly without counterweight adjustment. (Aluminium)

DM75: Free-standing range. Allows the installation of multiple computer screens on a pole with a base to stand on a desk. (Aluminium)

DMDC: Gas-powered arms housed in a protective casing. Arms extend from the base and are adjusted vertically without counterweight adjustment. Has a larger extendable clamp that can fit deeper desks (Aluminium)

DMUSB: Gas-powered arms that extend from the base. USB, audio and headphone sockets are integrated into the base. (Aluminium)

DMG: Gas-powered range with a larger extendable clamp that can fit deeper desks. Maximum tilt ability. (Aluminium & Steel)

FREESTANDING MOUNTS: DM25D1, DM25D2 & DM35D2 allow installation of screens on a pole with a base to stand anywhere on a desk. These models have greater tilt ability than DM75.

WALL MOUNTS: We offer five different monitor wall mounts; DM35W1X2 / DM55W1X1 / DM55W1X2 / DM65W1X1 / DM65W1X2. These offer the same features as their respective ranges. (Aluminium & Steel)

LAPTOP MOUNTS: We offer 4 different monitor desk mounts which have an arm specifically for holding a laptop computer or keyboard; DM25L1X1 / DM35L1X1 / DM65L1X1 / DMDCL1X1.

KEYBOARD MOUNTS: Made to specifically hold a screen and a keyboard tray; DM1K1X1 / DM1K1X2.

ATTACHMENTS AND SPARE PARTS: Poles, grommets, spare arms, spare VESA brackets, laptop attachments, keyboard trays and tablet attachments.