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DUAL PNEUMATIC ARMS WITH RED LED LIGHTS: The Duronic DMGM5X1 is a gas-powered aluminium/steel desk mount that has one VESA bracket to mount one computer monitor. Our gas-powered models provide the highest level of flexibility and movement as they do not depend on a minimum weight to be installed onto the mount. They move fluidly just by the touch of hand, and can be re-adjusted/manoeuvred regularly throughout the day without worrying about loosening or tightening any parts of the mount.

HEALTH BENEFITS & INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Most stand-alone monitors are low-levelled and as such, they can cause a problem for most people as they sit below the user’s natural line of sight. When a screen is not positioned properly it can have a negative effect on the user’s posture, wellbeing and productivity. This Duronic desk mount allows the user to adjust the stand based on their own height and seating position, enabling them to work comfortably.

ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY AND OPTIMAL VIEWING ANGLES: This monitor stand is fully adjustable, both in height and in the position or angle of the arm. Thanks to the cleverly designed gas-powered arm, you can adjust it forward/backwards, up/down, move it left to right and rotate 360° providing a full range of motion. You can also push the screen back to be almost flush with the pole, which is handy when not in use.

COMPATIBLE WITH VESA MONITORS: This monitor stand is suitable for most major brand monitors on the market who adhere to VESA compatibility. This mount will support a screen 15”-32” in size and with a maximum weight of 8kg. The VESA bracket will hold monitors with VESA 100 or VESA 75 mounting holes; this means that the holes should be either 100mm or 75mm apart from each other when measured. The bracket can swivel left/right and rotate 360° allowing you to view the monitor vertically.

SPECIFICATIONS: The DMGM5X1 features red LED lights for an ambient glow to match your gaming setup. This model has one arm that can swivel 360°/360°/180°, the VESA head tilts +85°/-90° and rotates 360°. The arm can extend to 61cm. Clamp size: 0.5-9cm. Max weight capacity: 8kg. Colour: black. Material: aluminium/steel. Fixings are included. Instruction manual included providing a step-by-step guide to installing the desk mount.