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The Duronic DM453VX1 is a monitor stand that will hold up 3 or 4 monitors on the monitor arm; 3 in a horizontal position and 1 vertically above the middle screen. This set up allows every user to work more efficiently by viewing 4 pages at once; reducing the time you close and open a new window. Having you monitors mounted on a Duronic monitor mount will free up space on the desk which now can be used for other valuable proposesHEALTH BENEFITS: Problems with low level monitors is the fact that in many cases the monitor is below the required eye level for optimum body posture, what the Duronic monitor stand does is allow the user to adjust the stand based on the height of the user to find the best height for each individual. Having the monitors at the correct height will reduce neck and back pain.The Duronic monitor stand has fully adjustable arms which gives great flexibility in positioning your monitor. Depending on the screen size you will be able to position the monitors closer to you with the articulating arm, move monitors together or away from each other, adjust the height on the clamp mounted pole, you can also tilt, swivel and rotate each monitor. Please see movement image and data table for more information.COMPATIBILITY: This monitor stand is suitable for most major branded monitors you find on the market who adhere to VESA compatibility. This monitor mount will support all monitor sizes between 13" to 27". VESA 100 or VESA 75 mounting hole compatible (the horizontal and vertical distances of the holes at the back of the TV must be 10 or 7.5cm). Instruction manuals provided, and the stand can be up in between 5-10 minutes as the unit comes with most parts already assembled.This stand will allow you to move the arms up or down and swivel right and left 360°, you can also turn the monitor around. (Please see size data image to establish if this stand will fit your Monitor. Please measure the width of your monitor against width our data) Changing positions are very easy to do and do not required any further tools. Extra strong clamp installed on the unit to provide excellent and secure stability. Standard monitor accessories included