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OPTIMISE WORK LIFE AND INCREASE EFFICIENCY: The Duronic DM452 is a heavy-duty steel desk mount for two computer monitors or two lightweight LCD/LED television screens. Our DM45 range of industry-standard models provides ample flexibility thanks to the adjustable VESA brackets and sturdy swivelling arms. The double flexi-arms can be manoeuvred higher or lower on the fly, just simply by holding the screen and directing it into the desired position.
HEALTH BENEFITS AND INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Most stand-alone monitors are low-levelled and as such they can cause a problem for most people as they sit below the user’s natural line of sight. When a screen is not positioned properly it can have a negative effect on the user’s posture, wellbeing and productivity. This ergonomic Duronic desk mount allows the user to adjust the stand based on their own height and seating position, enabling them to work comfortably.
ADJUSTABLE TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS: This model has two extended arms with three joints on each that swivel 180°; these joints enable the user to manoeuvrer the screen easier and bring the screen forwards. The VESA bracket which holds the screen offers adjustability; it can swivel left/right, tilt up/down and can rotate 360° allowing you to view the monitor vertically.
COMPATIBLE WITH VESA MONITORS: This DM452 monitor stand is suitable for most major brand monitors on the market (i.e. Samsung, LG, Dell, to name a few) who adhere to VESA compatibility. This mount will support two screens 15”-27” in size and with a maximum weight of 13.6kg each. The VESA brackets will hold monitors with VESA 100 or VESA 75 mounting holes; this means that the holes should be either 100mm or 75mm apart from each other when measured.
FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: The DM452 is made from durable steel; this strong pole will stand firm on your desktop supporting two monitors precisely and with ease. It can be fixed to the desk using the desk clamp included, or it can be installed using a grommet (which you can buy separately: DM-GR-01). We sell a range of accessories for this pole to allow you to customise your set-up including spare arms and VESA brackets.