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Duronic Monitor Arm Stand DM451X3 | Single PC Desk Mount | Solid Steel | Height Adjustable | For One 13-27 LED LCD Screen | VESA 75/100 | 13kg Per Screen | Tilt -90°/+45°, Rotate 360°

by Duronic

DM451X3 Single Monitor Desk Mount  [black]

The Duronic DM451X3 is a stainless-steel monitor stand bracket that attaches to the desktop with a clamp or grommet. The bracket holds one monitor screen which can be adjusted according to the viewers optimal viewing position, i.e. higher/lower, side-to-side and tilted up or down. It can also be positioned vertically as well as horizontally. It’s especially useful for those who spend a lot of time on a computer because using a monitor at the optimal viewing angle can help to reduce orthopaedic/back pain that can occur from poorly positioned monitor screens.

Desk Ergonomic. Sitting at a desk may seem like a pretty harmless act: however if you are working for lengthy amounts of time at a desk staring at a screen (which in today's world a lot of us do), then how you sit and position yourself can affect your health and well-being.

A key factor of good ergonomics is how the monitor is positioned; if it's too high or too low it can cause an achy neck or back. Over time poor posture and bad positioning of a monitor can lead to orthopaedic problems. Another factor to consider is that a poorly positioned screen can put unnecessary strain on the eyes, which can have a knock-on effect to your well-being and productivity.

The DM45 range is superior to some of our other ranges because of increased flexibility and movement given in the arms and because it has a hidden cable management system to ensure your set-up is kept tidy and organised.

This range is suited for those who do not need to move their screens around too regularly. While the DM45 allows you to easily move the arms to adjust the screen, it is not made to be moved quickly or as fluidly as some people might require for their needs.

If you are looking for a monitor stand that is easy to adjust for regular day-to-day movement of screens, please look at our DM55 & DM65 ranges.

The three arms on this monitor stand are each flexible up to 180° left-right movement and the head (the part that attaches directly to the monitor) tilts up and down to help achieve the optimal viewing angle, as well as being able to turn the monitor on the head/mount a full 360° so it can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

By using the tool provided, the arm can be positioned at any height on the pole and can be adjusted 360° on the pole to obtain the best position for the user. The stand/pole is 41cm high and the total distance of the whole arm is 13-51cm. It can accommodate screens sized 15-27 inches.

Installation is made simple because the head is compatible with VESA 75/100 standards, making it suitable for all PC monitors. The base is easy to install onto a desk without the need for tools.


DM451X3 Dimensions

The DM451X3 pole is 40cm high and the arm is 58cm long. This mount can accommodate one screensized between 15-27 inches and has an 13.6kg maximum capacity.

Swivel & Tilt Ability

This arm has three joints that can swivel 180° side-to-side. This allows you to articulate the arm in different positions to suit your set-up.

The VESA bracket has a tilt ability of -90°/+45° which allows the viewer to make smaller adjustments to each screen's angle, aligning it with their line of sight.

Weight Capacity & Rotation Ability

Thanks to the fully rotational VESA head bracket, the screen can rotate a full 360°, allowing for both horizontal and vertical use of the screen.

The arm can be re-positioned in any direction on the pole by adjusting the locking collar on the pole.

Adjustable Clamp Size

Fitted with a standard Duronic clamp, this allows easy and simple installation onto any desk edge that is between 0.5cm – 6.8cm.

Made of strong robust steel, you can rest assured that your monitor/s will be held securely in place.


Cluttered desk with low-lying screen

Landscape Setup

Portrait Setup


DM15: Value range with a combination of limited and increased flexibility depending on the model. (Steel)

DM25: Basic range with better flexibility and smoother design than DM15. (Steel)

DM35: Stronger construction with less flexibility. Arm height can be adjusted without any tools. (Aluminium)

DM45: Solid range. Integrated cable management system. Better tilt mechanism. Arms are longer and stronger making them ideal for large set-ups. (Aluminium)

DM55: Spring-powered range. Arms can be easily adjusted vertically because of the spring mechanism. V-shaped clamp for better stability. (Aluminium)

DM65: Gas-powered range. Arms can be adjusted smoothly without counterweight adjustment. (Aluminium)

DM75: Free-standing range. Allows the installation of multiple computer screens on a pole with a base to stand on a desk. (Aluminium)

DMDC: Gas-powered arms housed in a protective casing. Arms extend from the base and are adjusted vertically without counterweight adjustment. It has a larger extendable clamp that can fit deeper desks (Aluminium)

DMUSB: Gas-powered arms that extend from the base. USB, audio and headphone sockets are integrated into the base. (Aluminium)

DMG: Gas-powered range with a larger extendable clamp that can fit deeper desks. Maximum tilt ability. (Aluminium & Steel)

FREESTANDING MOUNTS: DM25D1, DM25D2 & DM35D2 allow installation of screens on a pole with a base to stand anywhere on a desk. These models have a greater tilt ability than DM75.

WALL MOUNTS: We offer five different monitor wall mounts; DM35W1X2 / DM55W1X1 / DM55W1X2 / DM65W1X1 / DM65W1X2. These offer the same features as their respective ranges. (Aluminium & Steel)

LAPTOP MOUNTS: We offer 4 different monitor desk mounts which have an arm specifically for holding a laptop computer or keyboard; DM25L1X1 / DM35L1X1 / DM65L1X1 / DMDCL1X1.

KEYBOARD MOUNTS: Made to specifically hold a screen and a keyboard tray; DM1K1X1 / DM1K1X2.

ATTACHMENTS AND SPARE PARTS: Poles, grommets, spare arms, spare VESA brackets, laptop attachments, keyboard trays and tablet attachments.