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Electric Milk Frother MF500

With the Duronic MF500 milk frother, you are just a few minutes away from the perfect cup of coffee. Whether you are a novice or a complete coffee connoisseur, you will undoubtedly appreciate how achieving a good quality foam on your coffee can elevate your drink into something truly special. With this clever machine, you can make your own cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and flat whites just at the touch of a button.

Let's not be mistaken though, frothy milk isn't just for coffee lovers - it is also great for hot chocolates, warm malt drinks, milkshakes, matcha teas and so much more.

Using the MF500 to prepare milk for your drink is very quick and easy to do. Simply pour your milk into the jug, place the lid on and select the temperature you would like your milk to be. You will hear a gentle whirring sound and if you peek through the transparent lid you will see the bubbly magic start to happen before your eyes. Within just a couple of minutes, you will have the most deliciously smooth dense foam to add to your beverage... and if there's any leftover you can just scoop it out with a spoon and enjoy (we won't judge!)

The ingenious design of this countertop appliance combines practicality and functionality with an aesthetically pleasing compact design that will look great in any kitchen and take up very little worktop space. It has a detachable jug from the base with a concealed heating element, so it is very easy to clean after every use.

MF500: Features 

Three Temperature Modes 

There are 3 heating modes to choose from - extra hot, hot and cool.

Depending on what drink you are making and how you like it to be made, you can pick the temperature you need at the touch of a button.

Extra Hot Mode is 80°c which is ideal for hot chocolates, mochas and lattes

Hot Mode is 65°c which is perfect for cappuccinos and flat whites

Cool Mode is exactly what you need for iced coffees and milkshakes

Two Whisk Attachments 

Two removable interchangeable whisks included which enable you to achieve the desired consistency of your milk.

One whisk stirs the milk whilst it warms the milk, the other (with the coil ring) froths the milk to create a velvety foam.

The stainless-steel jug can hold up to 500ml of milk for stirring/heating or 260ml for frothing.

Measuring Guides

Frothed milk expands quicker than stirred milk, so to help you know how much you can use we put MAX guidelines inside of the jug.

500ml = for hot stirred milk / hot chocolate
240ml = for cold foam / hot froth with semi-skimmed milk
120ml = for hot froth with whole fat milk

When using dairy milk we recommend semi-skimmed milk as best for frothing, but if you prefer whole milk you can also use that. Just be sure to not leave your frother unattended as whole milk can expand quicker than other kinds of milk!

Cool-Touch Design 

Many milk frothers on the market consist of a jug that sits on top of a hotplate which heats the milk from underneath. Our milk frother is unique because it does not have an exposed heating plate, instead, the jug sits deep within the stand. This means that while the jug heats up with the milk, the outer body of the jug holder remains cool to touch.

Additionally, the design coupled with the non-slip feet mean it cannot be tipped over and will be much safer around young children.


As milk frothers go, the MF500 is a decent sized one that can cater for several cups at a time.

However, despite its generous capacity, it is still compact in size and so takes up very little space on your worktop.

The whole unit measures only 24x17x17cm / 9.5x6.7x6.7in.

Easy to Clean 

When it comes to the kitchen, convenience is always the key to having an enjoyable experience. Who wants to make a drink and have to spend ages cleaning up afterwards? Not us!

The stainless-steel jug can be removed from the stand, the attachments unattached and they can be cleaned in the sink along with warm water and soap, just like your cups.

Hidden Cable Management 

Underneath the MF500 is a magnificent little hidden area where you can store your two ring attachments when not in use and also the power cable.

Perfect for when you want to tuck it away in a cupboard or drawer!

There are 3 Temperature Modes to Choose From... 

Extra Hot Mode 

Ideal for hot chocolates, mochas and lattes

Hot Mode 

Ideal for cappuccinos and flat whites

Cool Mode 

Ideal for iced coffees and milkshakes