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Product Short Description

VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY: The Duronic MF500 electric milk frother is a milk warmer and frother with its capability of being able to produce warm and cold foam as well as warm milk without foam. This frother milk is versatile and can make milk frother hot chocolate, lattes & more. This steamer milk frother is a must have in any kitchen.

CONVENIENTLY DESIGNED MILK WARMER: Featuring a 360-degree latte milk frother cordless base, this hot chocolate maker offers easy handling and placement, allowing for seamless operation from any angle. This milk frother jug electric’s cordless design adds to its convenience, eliminating the hassle of dealing with tangled cords or restricted movement.

AUTOMATIC MILK FROTHER WITH SAFETY ASSURANCE: With built-in safety protection, this electric whisk for coffee automatically switches off if the bowl is dry, ensuring peace of mind during operation. This safety feature not only protects the milk frother machine from damage but also prevents potential hazards, providing a reliable and secure frothing experience. Confidently froth or warm milk without worrying about accidental overheating or electrical issues with this hot milk frother.

HIGH PERFORMANCE LATTE FROTHER: Powered by a robust 500-watt motor, this milk steamer delivers efficient performance, achieving optimal froth consistency in minutes. Its powerful motor ensures thorough mixing and frothing, resulting in creamy textures and delicious beverages every time. Whether you're frothing milk for a latte or heating it for a soothing cup of tea, the Duronic MF500 milk frother’s high-performance motor ensures consistent results with minimal effort.

HOT CHOCOLATE MAKER WITH GENEROUS CAPACITIES: With a maximum frothing capacity of 260 ml and a maximum warming capacity of 500 ml, this electric whisk for coffee is perfect for any occasion. Its generous capacities make it perfect for all, accommodating varying beverage demands with ease. Whether you're preparing a single serving of frothy milk for your morning coffee or whipping up multiple drinks for friends and family, this hot chocolate maker’s has ample capacity.

CAPPUCINO FROTHER WITH TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Experience versatility with options for cold foam, warm milk and hot foam. With hotter temperatures being 65°C and 80°C, tailor your beverages to the warmth you prefer. This temperature control feature provides versatility, enabling you to create a wide range of hot and cold drinks according to your preferences.

FROTHER FOR COFFEE WITH EASY OPERATION: With simple controls, operating the milk frother is a breeze. Just choose your desired temperature and let the steamed milk frother do the rest. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for users of all skill levels to operate, eliminating the need for complicated settings or technical knowledge.

PRACTICAL ACCESSORIES FOR MILK STEAMER: This frother for milk features two magnetic stirrers—one for warming and one for frothing—with storage spaced found on the base of the unit, keeping them securely in place when not in use. Additionally, the included lid helps retain heat during the frothing or warming process, preserving the temperature of your beverages for longer.

SLEEK DESIGN: Measuring 17 cm x 24 cm, this large capacity electric milk frother boasts an ergonomic handle and a lid for added convenience. Its sleek and modern design complements a variety of kitchen decor styles. Whether displayed on your countertop or tucked away in a cabinet, the Duronic MF500's stylish appearance enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen while providing practical functionality for frothing and warming milk.

SPECIFICATIONS FOR ELECTRIC MILK HEATER AND FROTHER: The Duronic MF500 Milk Frother is a versatile appliance with a 360-degree cordless base. It has a 500-watt motor, max frothing capacity of 260 ml, and max warming capacity of 500 ml. Offers temperature control with options for cold, 65°C, and 80°C. Includes two magnetic stirrers, measures 17 cm x 24 cm, and features an ergonomic handle.

Enhanced description

Electric Milk Frother MF500

Duronic Electric Milk Frother MF500

Open the doors to coffee bliss with the Duronic Electric Milk Frother MF500. Duronic MF500 milk frother. In just minutes, transform your ordinary cup of coffee into a masterpiece. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a novice, the art of achieving velvety foam is now at your fingertips with this automatic milk frother. With a simple touch, indulge in homemade cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and flat whites.

But wait, this milk frother isn't just for coffee enthusiasts. Elevate your hot chocolates, warm malt drinks, milkshakes, matcha teas, and beyond with the versatile capabilities of the MF500 milk steamer.

Crafting your ideal milk texture is a breeze with the MF500 milk frother. Just pour your milk into the jug, select your desired temperature, and watch the magic unfold through the transparent lid. Within moments, relish in luxuriously dense foam to adorn your beverage, with any excess easily enjoyed with a spoon.

The MF500 automatic milk frother's thoughtful design seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring it complements any kitchen decor while occupying minimal countertop space. Featuring a detachable jug with a concealed heating element, cleanup is effortless after each use.

Experience the MF500 automatic milk frother and elevate your coffee game to new heights.

Automatic Milk Frother Steamer MF500: Features

Three Temperature Modes on milk frother

There are 3 heating modes to choose from - extra hot, hot and cool.

Depending on what drink you are making and how you like it to be made, select your preferred temperature effortlessly with this milk steamer.

You can pick the temperature you need at the touch of a button. .

Extra Hot Mode is 80°c which is ideal for hot chocolates, mochas and lattes

Hot Mode is 65°c which is perfect for cappuccinos and flat whites

Cool Mode is exactly what you need for iced coffees and milkshakes

Two Whisk Attachments on milk steamer

Achieve your desired milk consistency with two interchangeable whisks included in this milk steamer.

One whisks the milk whilst it warms the milk, the other (with the coil ring) froths the milk to create a velvety foam.

The stainless-steel jug can hold up to 500ml of milk for stirring/heating or 260ml for frothing.

Measuring Guides for milk frother

Frothed milk expands quicker than stirred milk, so to help you know how much you can use we put MAX guidelines inside of the jug.

500ml = for hot stirred milk / hot chocolate
240ml = for cold foam / hot froth with semi-skimmed milk
120ml = for hot froth with whole fat milk

When using dairy milk we recommend semi-skimmed milk as best for frothing, but if you prefer whole milk you can also use that. Just be sure to not leave your automatic milk frother unattended as whole milk can expand quicker than other kinds of milk!

Cool-Touch Design milk steamer

Many milk frothers on the market consist of a jug that sits on top of a hotplate which heats the milk from underneath.

This milk frother is unique because it does not have an exposed heating plate, instead, the jug sits deep within the stand. This means that while the jug heats up with the milk, the outer body of the jug holder remains cool to touch.

Additionally, the design coupled with the non-slip feet mean it cannot be tipped over and will be much safer around young children.

Dimensions of milk frother

Despite its generous capacity, the MF500 milk steamer remains compact, fitting seamlessly into any kitchen setup.

However, despite its generous capacity, it is still compact in size and so takes up very little space on your worktop.

The whole unit measures only 24x17x17cm / 9.5x6.7x6.7in.

Easy to Clean milk steamer

Cleaning this automatic milk steamer is a breeze. The stainless-steel jug can be removed from the stand, the attachments unattached and they can be cleaned in the sink along with warm water and soap, just like your cups.

Hidden Cable Management for milk steamer

Underneath the MF500 milk frother is a magnificent little hidden area where you can store your two ring attachments when not in use and also the power cable.

There are 3 Temperature Modes to Choose From... 

Extra Hot Mode 

Ideal for hot chocolates, mochas and lattes

Hot Mode 

Ideal for cappuccinos and flat whites

Cool Mode 

Ideal for iced coffees and milkshakes

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