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Product Short Description

VERSATILE MILK FROTHER: The Duronic MF130 milk frother simplifies cleaning with its robust non-stick coating. Its elegant white design seamlessly fits into any kitchen. With a generous 240ml jug capacity and a dynamic power range of 450-550W, it ensures efficient frothing and warming, offering you a versatile and high-performance home coffee experience.

EFFORTLESS OPERATION: The Duronic MF130 milk frother offers an uncomplicated one-button operation, ensuring easy crafting of your favourite beverages. The removable wire stirrer allows you to switch between frothing and warming with convenience, while built-in safety protection ensures automatic shutoff in case the bowl becomes dry.

POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: The Duronic MF130 milk frother is built for excellence, featuring a 360-degree cordless base and a robust 550-watt motor. This ensures fast and efficient frothing, meeting the needs of coffee enthusiasts. The non-stick coating within the jug streamlines post-use clean up, adding convenience to your coffee preparation routine.

COMPACT AND ERGONOMIC: The Duronic MF130 exemplifies convenience, with its compact 11cm by 17.5cm dimensions, making it ideal for limited countertop space. Its ergonomic handle and included lid enhance your overall experience, ensuring a comfortable grip and minimal heat loss. Additionally, it can heat up to 65 degrees, adding that perfect barista-quality touch to your beverages.

CONVENIENT MAINTENANCE AND SPECIFICATIONS: The Duronic MF130 milk frother is easy to clean with its non-stick jug coating. Its elegant white finish, 240ml jug capacity, and 450-550W dynamic power range ensure efficient frothing and warming, streamlining your coffee-making process.

Enhanced description

Electric Milk Frother MF130

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The Duronic MF130 milk frother with a 360 degree swivel base is the perfect addition for those who appreciate the enjoyment of premium milk foam and hot drinks at home. This elegant device will add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen and allow you to create professional lattes and barista drinks.

With an impressive 550 watts of power, the MF130 offers top quality and excellent performance. Whether you want to make delicious, warm milk foam or just warm up milk, this milk frother meets all your needs. Treat yourself to a relaxing hot drink or conjure up irresistible hot chocolate.

The Duronic MF130 is extremely user-friendly and features straightforward one-button operation. With a capacity of up to 130 ml for frothing and 240 ml for heating, it offers enough space for your creations. The minimum capacity for both functions is just 75 ml.

The mixing attachment included in the scope of delivery is versatile and can be used for both frothing and heating. The removable milk jug gives you full control over your preparations. Additionally, the safety shut-off function ensures that the device switches off automatically when the jug contains no liquid - for your safety and convenience.

The MF130 is equipped with a high-quality non-stick coating that makes cleaning child's play. With compact dimensions of 11 cm x 17.5 cm, it fits effortlessly into any kitchen. Thanks to the 360-degree rotating base and ergonomic handle, handling is a breeze. The device heats the milk to a pleasant 65 degrees, making it possible to prepare a wide variety of hot drinks.

We also offer the MF300 with a capacity of 300ml for frothing and 400ml for heating, as well as the MF500 in stylish black or bright white. The MF500 has a capacity of 500ml for heating and 260ml for frothing, offering ultimate enjoyment for coffee lovers. Bring the café experience to your home and treat yourself and your guests to irresistible drinks.

MF500: Features 

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Easy to use

A simple on/off switch starts the milk frother. With an output of 550 watts, the motor ensures an impressive mixing result. No matter whether you simply want to drink a hot chocolate or enjoy a creamy milk foam.


Two attachments

The milk frother comes with 2 attachments with which you can achieve the desired consistency.

An attachment to stir milk while it is warming. The second attachment (with the spiral ring) to froth milk.

The stainless steel jug can stir/heat up to 240 ml of milk or froth up to 130 ml.

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Measuring Guides

Inside the jug you will find 3 markings so you have control over the quantity.

240 ml = for warming up milk or hot chocolate
130 ml = cold foam / hot foam
75 ml = for hot foam with fatty milk

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Cool-Touch Design 

The milk frother consists of a milk jug that contains the technology at the bottom. As soon as the device is switched on and the milk heats up, the lower area remains cool so that you can touch it. A practical handle makes handling very easy.



When the milk frother is on the base station, it has a total size of 17 x 11 x 19 cm.

These compact dimensions make it almost an invisible ninja in your kitchen.


Easy to Clean 

When it comes to the kitchen, comfort is always the most important thing.

The milk frother and attachments can be cleaned together with warm water and soap.


Cable length

The base station consists of a platform with a 0.6m long cable. The actual Milk Frother is powered by a connection to the base station.

A similar principle is used in kettles such as our EK17 kettles.

This gives you wireless freedom in the sink.

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Extra Hot Mode 

Ideal for hot chocolates, mochas and lattes

Hot Mode 

Ideal for cappuccinos and flat whites

Cool Mode 

Ideal for iced coffees and milkshakes

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