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Short Product Description

60 SHEET LINT ROLLER: The Duronic Lint Roller set is a nifty handheld tool that can be used to restore and clean a variety of fabrics and surfaces. The sticky adhesive roller lifts and removes pet hair, fluff, dust and anything else that is clinging to the surface of the fabric.

REMOVES PET HAIR: If you have pets, you will know how annoying it is having your dark clothes covered with fur. Keep one of these rollers to hand so you can give your clothes a once-over before you leave the house. By simply gliding the lint roller over the fabric to collect all of the fuzz and a loose fibres giving fabric a new lease of life!

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Compared to a battery or rechargeable lint shaver, our lint rollers are operated manually meaning that you do not need power or batteries to use it. It’s better for your purse strings and better for the planet!

EASY TO USE: Our lint rollers are lightweight and very easy to use. Simply peel a sheet off to reveal a new sticky one and get to work cleaning your clothes or anything else fabric around the house. Once the adhesive sheet is full of hair/fluff/lint, simply peel it off and use a fresh sheet. Once the roll runs out simply change the roll for a new one.

PACK CONTAINS 1 ROLLER AND 2 REFILL ROLLS: Each roll contains 60 sticky sheets, each with easy tear making changing the sheets extra easy. The ROLL1X2 pack that consists of one reusable full roller and handle, plus two extra refill rolls. NOTE: due to hygiene reasons this product cannot be returned for a refund if it has been opened.