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Perfect for mechanics, technicians and engineers who need to work in small unlit areas, the Duronic RFL163AAA is equipped with bright CREE LED bulbs which light up hard-to-see areas allowing the user to work with clear sight of the job at hand. It is versatile for all manner of uses, both indoors and outdoors, and can be used frequently or kept aside for emergencies. Whatever you need it for, this durable torch will not let you down in your moment of need.



Change from torch mode to work lantern mode simply by pressing the button twice. The base of the flashlight is fitted with a strong magnet so the user can attach the light magnetically to a convenient spot. Whether it’s under a car bonnet or inside a cupboard, this flashlight will shine a bright light onto the area work needs to be done and will still be at easy reach should the user need to grab it quickly for closer use.



Made of high-quality aerospace-grade anodized aluminium, the RFL163AAA torch is strongly built, water-resistant and feels good to hold. The handle has diamond knurling to allow a better grip and both ends of the torch have hexagonal ends to prevent it from rolling away if placed on its side.



Whether you are indoors our outdoors, it’s easy and safe to use this flashlight to illuminate the space around you. With the RFL163AA you can use it handheld or by standing it up as a lamp.



The life of the battery will vary according to how the flashlight is being used. Bulbs: 16 CREE LED bulbs. Flashlight working time: 4 hours.  Made of aerospace-grade anodized aluminium. Size: 21.5 x 2.8cm. Requires 3x AAA batteries.