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WORK FROM HOME IN COMFORT WITH THE DML432 LAP DESK: Working at an office desk is not always necessary, and for those days when you just feel like working in the comfort of your bed or sofa, this lap tray is perfect for enabling you to do this. The premium wood effect platform provides you with a sturdy surface to hold your laptop, tablet and mouse so you can continue working in comfort with everything you need at hand.


ERGONOMIC BEANBAG DESIGN: On the underside of the desk is a soft bean-bag style padding which sits comfortably on your legs. The nature of the foam bead-filled cushion means you can mould the cushion slightly to tilt forward towards you, which in turn lifts the laptop screen a little higher and tilts the keyboard to a comfortable position which encourages good posture and reduces neck strain.


HOLDS DEVICES SECURELY IN PLACE: The front of the desk has a non-slip support bar which prevents your laptop from sliding forward off of the desk. To enable a seamless working experience the DML432 has a slot positioned towards the back of the desk specifically for tablets, however it can also be used as a pen holder or support your mobile phone if you prefer.


PORTABLE AND EASY TO STORE: This laptop table is lightweight and has a carry handle for easy transportation, so it couldn’t be easier to move from room to room with it. The slim profile makes it easy to store away when it’s not in use.

SPECIFICATIONS: Colour: black/grey. Cushion filling: foam and polystyrene beads. Dimensions: 47 x 38 x 5.5cm.