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ERGONOMIC LAPTOP RISER: Having your laptop positioned at an optimised height can improve your posture and sitting position. By supporting your device on a DML125 stand you can improve the position of your keyboard and, as such, make typing less tiring and more comfortable. Additionally, having your laptop screen elevated can improve your posture and put less strain on your spine.
ADJUSTABLE TO SUIT YOU: Raise up your laptop, monitor or tablet with the DML125 laptop riser. The arm is adjustable on-the-fly so you can customise the position to find exactly the right height and tilt for you.
MULTI-USE STAND: While the DML125 is mainly intended to be a laptop desk stand, this versatile support can be used in various other ways too which only add to its charm. It can also be used to hold a tablet or a book as a hands-free solution when studying at a table, or even for as a canvas holder for artwork projects.
COMES ALREADY ASSEMBLED: Our whole range of monitor risers are exceptionally easy to install as they require minimal assembly. This model comes fully assembled so you can use it straight from the box!
SPECIFICATIONS: Comfortably holds a notebook, MacBook or 13” laptop. Maximum weight capacity: 5kg/11lbs. Colour: black. Material: steel. No assembly required, comes ready to use straight from the box. Colour: black. Platform size: 40x26.5cm/15.7x10.4in.

Laptop Stand DML125

The Duronic DML125 is a desk riser that can raise a laptop off of the desktop surface, elevating it to an improved ergonomic position for the user. When it's not in use, the laptop riser can be collapsed down making it easy to store away.

Solid and sturdy, the DML125 can hold up to 5kg and provides sturdy hands-free support for a laptop, tablet, book or surface device.

It has vents on the platform to ensure that air flows freely from the fan in your laptop to avoid it getting overheated.

DML125 features


The robust platform is 40x26.5cm/15.7x10.4in with a base measuring 26.5x25cm/10.4x9.9in.

The height is adjustable from 8cm/3.1in to 18.5cm/7.3in.


This laptop riser can hold up to 5kg/11lb in weight which is more than enough to support personal tablet devices or laptops. It can also easily support books or even sketch pads.

Tilting Adjustment

Every person is different and has different requirements for their workspace. The DML125 can be adjusted by height and also by tilt, allowing the user to customise their setup.

Improves Posture

The adjustable design allows you to improve your posture when you're working on your laptop computer. Simply squeeze the lever and adjust the surface to the height you need.

Ideal for Creative Use

The DML125 is the ideal size and shape to support a tablet or surface computer. Simply angle the arm to your preferred position and then you can work in absolute comfort.

Alternative Uses

Helpful for an array of hobbies and uses, this adjustable tablet stand will aid you in your creative endeavours by supporting the item you need to reference or work on. It's even great for holding books when studying.