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Laptop Backpack LB24 

Our range of laptop and cabin travel bags have been designed to meet every need you could encounter when you’re out and about. Whether you are commuting to and from work, hopping on the bus to school or college, or undertaking a lengthy flight abroad, you’ll find travelling has never been easier or more organised than with this bag.

Our backpacks and laptop bags are adjustable and versatile, allowing people of different sizes/shapes the ability to adjust the straps to find the most comfortable position for them.

The LB24 is a casual style backpack designed to hold all the essentials you could possibly need for a day's work or a day at school or college. It has a trendy blue-toned pattern on one side of the bag with two zip-up pockets on the front.

Additional Pockets 

On the sides of the LB24 bag, there are two side pockets where are perfect for holding drinks bottles or pencil cases. The front of the bag has two zipped pockets to keep small items close at hand when you're on the go.

Generously Sized Backpack

This backpack can be carried in 2 ways: vertically by hand or on the shoulder.

It measures 47cm/16.5in high, 30cm/12in wide and 17cm/6.7in deep.

Water Repellent Material 

To keep your possessions protected at all times, the material of the LB24 is made from water-repellent fabric so you don't need to worry if you get caught in a sudden downpour!

Comfortable Straps 

The back of the bag is airflow padded to shape itself against your back and the straps are also airflow padded for extra comfort.

Inner Pockets 

The main front compartment unzips all the way around the top of the bag.

Inside the bag is a pocket for holding small items you don't want to get lost inside the large inner compartment of the backpack.

Holds all the Essentials 

Ideal for school or university, this backpack can hold all of your textbooks, notebooks and a laptop as well as your drinks bottle and stationery.