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KS2B Keyboard Stand

Whether you play keyboard professionally, for pleasure or are just learning, it is essential to have solid reliable support for your keyboard. Equally important is your stance; playing long hours with a bad posture can have detrimental effects on your body, leading you to suffer from aches, pains and possibly long-term health problems. However, if you are sat or stood with a comfortable posture you can prevent any discomfort ensuring you can play to your best ability without distraction.

Designed to be everything you’ll need in a keyboard stand, the Duronic KS2B ticks all of the boxes.

This sturdy keyboard stand is fully adjustable so whether you're standing or sitting while playing, you can find a height that's right for you. It is super easy to assemble, use and store away again after use. The platform can be easily adjusted to seven different heights ranging from 98cm to 32cm, simply by pulling the quick-release mechanism and moving it to a different notch.

For your peace of mind, we have included two protective safety features on the KS2B:

Non-slip rubber end caps to grip the base of your keyboard,
Strong support straps with screw fixings to attach your keyboard onto the stand.
Both ingenious features prevent the keyboard from moving during a performance and ensure this stand is safe to use by both adults and children alike.

KS2B Features:

Portable Lightweight Design

The KS2B is manufactured with aluminium, which makes this model extremely lightweight so it easy for the user to carry around. It folds almost flat (only 7cm wide) so it can be easily stored away in the slimmest of gaps.

Designed in a double braced design, the legs are strong and supportive to prevent any tipping or wobbling.

It has a contemporary black finish and protective rubber ends to prevent any scratches.

Secure Fit

Strapping your keyboard to the stand reduces the risks of accidents happening. Most keyboards have these screws at the bottom of the keyboard or at the back, so we advise that you check your keyboard beforehand to ensure these straps will fix onto it. Alternatively, even if you cannot secure the keyboard with the straps, a keyboard will still sit well atop the rubber caps which will prevent small movements affecting the keyboard.

Holds up to 20kg

This piano support can be adjusted to 7 different heights/widths: 98x29cm, 92x43cm, 84x58cm, 74x71cm, 61x83cm, 47x91cm, 32x97cm.

It’s very simple to do but bear in mind that the lower it is adjusted, the wider the stand will become. At it’s the lowest height of 32cm the frame will be 97cm wide.

It can hold a maximum weight of 20kg.

The KS2B stand can also hold a synthesizer or a small electric organ.