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WORK WITH A HEALTHY POSTURE: Your reach and vision are what drives and determines your posture when seated at a desk; if the keyboard is too far away then you are inclined to lean or hunch forward uncomfortably putting unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders. With the Duronic DM0K1 you`ll find your posture will change completely; the keyboard will be closer to you, so you will be able to sit or stand with a better posture while comfortably reaching the keys with little or no effort.

EXTEND YOUR WORKSPACE: An added bonus of this desktop accessory is that it can be used to simply extend your workspace. By storing your keyboard and mouse on this tray above the desk surface, you free up a lot of useful space on the desktop as well as helping keep the devices clean and free from dust. It`s easily manoeuvrable by using the handle to reposition it to a comfortable position and then can be pushed back when not in use.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE WITHOUT TOOLS: This keyboard platform attaches to any Duronic desk mount by attaching to a VESA head bracket. The DM0K1 comes with an adapting plate to ensure it will fit all of our monitor mounts with ease. Installation is simple and easy thanks to Duronic`s no-fuss design. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the bolts with when attaching the keyboard tray to the desk mount head. Adjust as you like and you`re ready to go.

QUALITY DESIGN THAT`S BUILT TO LAST: The DM0K1 is made with cold-rolled steel and finished with electrostatic powder coating to provide a high-quality result. It`s durable, scratch and mark resistant and is finished in matt black to match our desk mount range.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: This attachable keyboard drawer is generously sized to fit almost any keyboard and mouse. We do however recommend that you double-check the size of your keyboard against the platform dimensions if you are using a larger ergonomic or gaming keyboard as these can come in unusual shapes and sizes. Size of keyboard platform: 60cm x 18cm. Maximum weight capacity: 8kg. Made of Steel.