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Keyboard Tray DKTPX2

Support Where You Need it

Keyboard and mouse support are at the heart of any ergonomic workstation set-up; these two objects are what you touch/hold most of the time while working at a computer, and so wherever they are is where your hands naturally rest to meet them.

To use a computer you need to be able to see the screen clearly and be able to reach the keyboard and mouse with ease and comfort. Most workstations will not offer this level of comfort without some adjustments being made to improve them.

The DKTPX2 is the ideal solution to correcting your seated posture and ensuring that your arms and hands align perfectly with the keyboard and mouse.

Universal Tray

An important factor of this desk attachment is the size; many keyboard trays on the market are too small in both width and length which leaves little or no room for a mouse or a larger gaming or ergonomic keyboard. The DKTPX2 is generously sized and can accommodate one standard/gaming/ergonomic keyboard, a mouse and a standard-sized mouse mat.

Offers Strength and Support

Stability is important as typing and using the mouse puts pressure on the tray, so having a securely fitted tray like this one is essential. A lot of keyboard trays on the market have just one central clamp to fix to the desk; the DKTPX2 has two (one at each end) which ensures maximum stability and strength at all times.

DKTPX2: Features 

Overall Dimensions 

The size of the keyboard platform is 68cm/27in x 28cm/11in.

The length of the DKTPX2 including the clamps is 85cm/33.5in.

Clamp Dimensions 

The adjustable clamp can fit desk edges sized between 0.5cm/0.2in and 4.5cm/1.75in.

Clamp Width 

The space beneath the clamp base and adjustable knob is a maximum difference of 7cm, however, this can be less if the desk edge is thinner.

At the maximum desk width of 4.7cm, there will be a clearance of 2.5cm between the bottom of the desktop and the keyboard tray.

Smooth Sliding Action 

As a precaution, we have included protective plastic feet which will protect your desktop surfaces from any indentations or marks when you tighten the clamp down onto it.

Easy to Install 

The tray can be pulled forward 21.5cm/8.5in from the edge of the desk, which allows you to bring your keyboard and mouse much closer to you so that you can work in comfort.

Create an Ergonomic Setup 

This keyboard drawer couldn't be easier to install. Simply open the clamps by twisting the screw knobs, slot the clamps onto the desk edge and then tighten the screw knobs again.

Keep Your Desktop Tidy 

The great thing about the DKTPX2 is that it can be used for many other purposes such as keeping bits and pieces that you want to keep close at hand from your desk surface tucked away out of sight.

Store Accessories Out of Sight 

It's also perfect for holding any smaller gadgets or computer accessories so that they are at easy reach as and when you need them.