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Duronic Keyboard Platform DKTPX1 | Under Desk Drawer for Keyboard and Mouse | Clamp On Keyboard Tray | Ergonomic Workstation Solution | Sliding Pull-Out Tray | Easy Assembly

by Duronic

SIT IN A HEALTHY NEUTRAL POSITION: Your reach and vision are what drives and determines your posture when seated at a desk; if the keyboard is too far away then you are inclined to lean forward uncomfortably putting unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders. With the Duronic DKTPX1 you'll find your posture will change completely; the keyboard will be closer to you, so you will be able to sit more upright with a better posture while comfortably reaching the keys with little or no effort.EXTEND YOUR WORKSPACE: An added bonus of this desktop accessory is that it can be used to simply extend your workspace. By storing your keyboard and mouse on this tray hidden neatly below the desk surface, you free up a lot of useful space on the desktop as well as helping keep the devices clean and free from dust.EASY TO ASSEMBLE WITHOUT TOOLS: Installation is simple and easy thanks to the no-tools-needed design. This keyboard platform attaches to the desk by two strong clamps; simply slide them into position on the edge of the desk and tighten them up to hold in place.QUALITY DESIGN THAT'S BUILT TO LAST: The DKTPX1 has two strong steel clamps which hold onto the desk edge securely and supports the keyboard tray excellently. Clamps were chosen so that setting up the support would be easy for anyone to do, as well as avoiding damaging the desk with screws and holes. The keyboard tray itself is made from strong materials with a sleek black finish. The back of the keyboard tray has a guard to prevent the keyboard slipping off the back.FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: This attachable desk drawer is generously sized to fit almost any keyboard and mouse. We do however recommend that you double-check the size of your keyboard against the platform dimensions if you are using a larger ergonomic or gaming keyboard as these can come in unusual shapes and sizes. Size of keyboard platform: 68cm x 28.5cm x 1cm. Please note: this model is only suited to a square-edged desk, not a bevelled edge.duronic dktpx1 keyboard mouse key board support gaming ergonomic tray drawer platform for desk workstation office attachment carpal tunnel syndrome under slide sliding slider shelf amazonbasics kensington fellowes vivo mount uncaged economic workrite