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Short Product Description

6 BLADES FOR INCREASED BLENDING EFFICIENT - This Duronic electric blender boasts six blades, two types catering to diverse ingredients. Four jagged-edge blades effortlessly handle ice or tough items, while the remaining two are ideal for softer ingredients like herbs. Paired with a robust 1400W motor, these versatile blades ensure efficient blending across a range of consistencies. The powerful motor and adaptable blades enhance overall efficiency, ensuring thorough blending of contents.

PRE-SET FUNCTIONS TO INCREASE CONVENIENCE - Effortlessly operate this blender by adjusting the knob to power on, off or seamlessly switch between minimum and maximum speeds. The robust appliance offers four pre-set modes: smoothie, auto-clean, ice-crush, and pulse. The first three include timers for hands-free blending. For efficient ice crushing, add small batches, and consider adding water for larger cubes. The pulse feature provides precise control over the blend's consistency and thickness.

LOCKING FEATURE FOR INCREASED SECURITY - This multifunctional blender incorporates various locking mechanisms, allowing for secure blending. The 1.75L glass jug has a lockable lid, centre cap, removable blade and locks securely onto the base. Unlock the blade by twisting it clockwise and secure it by twisting anti-clockwise. The lid, equipped with a handle, covers the pouring spout to prevent spills, remaining locked during use to avoid accidental contact with the moving blades.

MODERN AESTHETIC: This sleek stainless steel blender features a contemporary design that seamlessly integrates into modern kitchens without compromising convenience. The stainless steel base enhances durability, resisting corrosion and offering a robust and stylish appliance for various culinary tasks. Easy to clean and resistant to staining, it is ideal for making soups, sauces, or baby food. The base is equipped with a practical cable holder for neat storage, enhancing safety in the kitchen.

SPECIFICATION - Operating at 220-240V, this blender features a substantial 1.75L jug capacity and a robust 1400W motor, ensuring efficient blending.It has anti-slip feet to increase stability. With dimensions of 20(D) x 23(W) x 43(H) cm and a weight of 4.5kg, it offers a stable and powerful blending experience. The 1.1m cable length provides flexibility in placement, combining power, precision, and stability for versatile blending.

Enhanced Description

Duronic Electric Jug Blender BL114

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Introducing the Duronic jug blender—a versatile kitchen essential with features like a smoothie button, auto-clean function, and ice crush button. With safety locks, rubber feet, and a 1400W motor, this electric smoothie blender is engineered for performance and peace of mind.

Electric Blender Control Panel Modes

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Blend Smoothies With Ease

The Duronic jug blender features a smoothie button, allowing effortless blending for deliciously smooth drinks. Its powerful performance and convenient control panel ensure smoothie making is easy.

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Save Time Washing Up

The Duronic electric smoothie maker simplifies clean up with its auto-clean button. Effortlessly maintain hygiene and save valuable time after blending, ensuring convenience with every use.

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Jug Blender with Ice Crush Feature for Cool Drinks

The Duronic BL114 table blender's ice crush button effortlessly pulverizes ice, perfect for smoothies and cocktails. Enjoy refreshing cool drinks without the hassle of manually crushing ice.

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Electric Jug Blender with Pulse Function

The Duronic BL114 electric blender's pulse button allows you to achieve the perfect blend consistency by pulsing at varying speeds, ideal for finely chopping ingredients or creating chunky textures.

This Duronic jug blender features four convenient functions on its control panel. Effortlessly blend smoothies with the smoothie button, maintain hygiene with the auto-clean function, crush ice effortlessly for refreshing drinks, and achieve perfect blend consistency with the pulse button.

Versatile Electric Blender BL114


1.75L Jug Blender Capacity

The 1.75L electric blender jug offers ample capacity for blending large batches, perfect for families or entertaining guests.


Features 2 Smoothie Bottles

This table blender comes with two smoothie bottles, one 600ml and the other 300ml. This is perfect for drinking smoothies, protein shakes on the go.


Electric Blender with Grinder

Use this electric jug blender to increase your cooking using the 125ml grinder attachment to effortlessly grind spices, seeds and nuts.


40ml Blender Measuring Cup

Use the 40ml measuring cup with your jug blender for precise adjustments of water, milk, or other ingredients, ensuring your mixture is perfect.

Baby Food Blender Features


Powerful 1400W Electric Jug Blender

With a powerful 1400W motor and 21,000 RPM, this electric jug blender delivers effortless blending, ensuring smooth results in seconds. Enjoy quick and efficient blending for smoothies, sauces, soups, and more, making meal preparation a breeze.

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Smooth Blending and Easy Cleaning

Featuring six blades, this electric jug blender ensures thorough blending for smooth textures. It’s easy-to-clean design simplifies maintenance, saving time and effort after use. Enjoy hassle-free blending and effortless clean-up for your favourite drinks and recipes.

Added Safety Features on the Electric Jug Blender

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Base Lock Ensuring security

This electric blender’s base lock enhances security, preventing accidents and ensuring stability during operation, for peace of mind while blending.

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Lid Lock for Increased Safety

This electric table blender features a lock on the lid for increased safety by preventing operation until engaged, ensuring accident-free blending. 


Rubber Feet for Sturdy Grip

This electric table blender has rubber feet which keep the jug blender stable during use, preventing slips ensuring safe and efficient blending.

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2.5kg Sturdy Jug Blender Base

With a 2.5kg base, this electric jug blender ensures stability and durability, providing a sturdy platform for efficient blending.