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Short Product Description

3 LIGHTING SETTINGS FOR INCREASED VERSATILITY: The Duronic LED camping lantern offers three lighting settings: a torch, a lantern, and emergency lights. The torch, equipped with three powerful LED lights, provides optimal visibility when viewing things at a moderate distance.The lantern Features 10 straw lights, providing the perfect all round ambience. Additionally, this camping torch includes five red flashing lights designed for emergency situations, serving as SOS signals when needed.

2 CHARGING OPTION FOR CONVENIENCE: This camping lantern offers 2 ways of charging the lamp. The lamp can be charged using the USB cable simply by plugging it into an adapter or a device like a smartphone. This hiking lamp can also be charged using the wind up handle perfect as a backup when emergency light is needed. When fully charged the torch will last 5.5 hours.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The Duronic Camping and Hiking Lantern weighs less than 500g, ensuring easy portability for outdoor enthusiasts. This lightweight design is ideal for activities like hiking and camping, where moving around a lot is common. Despite its lightness, the lantern maintains durability and a robust build, ensuring reliable performance in rugged environments.

EASY TO USE: The Duronic Camping and Hiking Lantern simplifies operation with a single power button located on the handle, allowing effortless switching between its various modes. By pressing the button once, the torch is activated, two presses activate the lantern mode and three presses activate the red warning light.If the torch is pressed four times, it is turned off.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: The Duronic Camping and hiking Lantern is very durable and reliable, the Hurricane Lamp has a rubberised texture to provide a non-slip grip for the user. The longer you crank the more power you’ll produce. Fully charged time: torch 5.5 hours / lantern 2.25 hours.

Enhanced Description

Hurricane LED Torch

Truly unique in design, the Hurricane 4-in-1 lantern is a versatile indoor and outdoor flashlight that is convertible from a lantern into a handheld torch.

Whether you are nipping up the garden shed at nighttime, have been invited to a teddy bear picnic in a “top-secret” den, are venturing up into the loft for a clear out or if you're going for an outdoor adventure over fells and mountains, the Hurricane lantern is suited for every eventuality.

Great for everyday use, the lantern can be hung up in a dark cupboard by using the hanging loop to provide light so that you can see what you're searching for without having to hold a torch at the same time. It's portable, durable and very easy to use which means it's even ideal for budding campers and mini adventurers to use in their outdoor expeditions.

Ideal for camping trips, this lantern can be hung inside a tent to provide light while you're busy inside, and the touch of a button it can be taken and used as a flashlight when you venture outside into the darkness. In addition to this, battery powered lanterns are a safer alternative to gas/liquid lanterns which can be a fire risk.

One of the best features of the Hurricane lantern is its ability to recharge wherever you are. Where there's electricity it can be charged quickly by USB power cable, and where there's not, it can be recharged by wind-up. If the battery begins to run low and you're not near a power source, simply wind the handle for a minute or two to generate more power to keep you going.

This Duronic lantern also has the ability to charge a mobile phone, but this function is intended for emergency use only. It will not give a full charge, but given some time it will give enough charge to enable the phone to make an emergency phone call, text or function for a short time.

Convertible 3-in-1 Design

As a Lantern: for all-round light

Use as a lantern if you wish to light up a wider area in one place. Stand the light on a flat surface and enjoy for up to 2 hours at a time.

There is also an integrated hook on the top of the lantern which offers the option to have it hanging up on a hook to provide wider 360° coverage of light.

As a Torch: for a direct beam of light

Get the most power time from your Hurricane by using it as a handheld flashlight; in this mode it will have power to keep going for up to 5.5 hours.

The non-slip ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and provides a safe grip to prevent you dropped the torch.

As a Beacon: for emergencies

When exploring the outdoors, or perhaps even on long car journeys, it is always good idea to have safety measures in place just in case something takes a turn for the worst and you need to find help quickly. Armed with this emergency S.O.S. red flashing light, you can use it to help signal to others for help. If fully charged, this flashing mode will last for 30 hours.

Other Features:

Adjustable Handle

By pressing the red button on the side of the handle you can alter the angle of the handle by 90°.

This is particularly a useful feature when using the lantern as an S.O.S. beacon as it enables the user to hold the light higher for all to see.

Charge by Wind-Up

Ideal for emergency use or for when you unexpectedly run out of power, you can crank the winding handle to boost the power.

Torch: 1 minute cranking = 15 minutes of power

Lantern: 1 minute of cranking = 6 minutes of power

Red SOS mode: 1 minute cranking = 2 hours of power

Charge by USB Cable

For normal everyday use, the most convenience way to recharge the lamp is by USB charging cable. This is included with your Hurricane lamp and when not being used can be neatly stored inside the handle.

Torch: full charge = 5.5 hours

Lantern: full charge = 2 hours