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The Duronic HDMI Switcher auto switches smartly between up to 3 HDMI sources to one high definition display up to FULL HD 1080p and higher resolutions, with no loss Full HD quality. Discrete Remote Control: IR Remote Control is not usually needed but is included for remote switching if required.
The 3 way HDMI switches from Duronic are used for when you do not have enough HDMI sockets on your TV to cater for all your HDMI compatible appliances. Highly compatible with std HDMI devices. Manual switch override.
Example: Your TV has 1 HDMI socket, however you have a TV box, PS3 and a DVD player. You have to unplug and plug in different cables to use different appliances. Our switch will allow you to connect 3 or more devices depending on model and if the appliance allows auto switching.
The Duronic Switch is Self-powering via HDMI cable. Can support up to 25m HDMI cable lengths in each port. Signal enhancement circuitry maintains pure signal quality up to 25m cable lengths. Ultra compact design (5.6cm by 8cm). 24K Gold-plated connector plug contacts.
Always use good quality HDMI cables to work with your switch. Check out the Duronic HDMI cable range to be sure you have a good cable to do your switching for you. HDCP compliant. Fully HDMI Certified. RoHS & CE approved