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Hand Sanitiser Gel Floor Standing Dispenser STF-S1L 

Ideal for public areas where a steady stream of people tend to pass often, the STF-S1L freestanding dispenser is perfect for schools, universities, workplaces, building sites, pubs, hotels, hospitals, care homes, restaurants and much more. The upright design makes it ideal for being positioned in doorways, entrances or exits so that people can sanitise as they pass through.

This dispenser has been specially designed to be compatible with Duronic S1000ML 1-litre hand sanitiser gel, which is available separately as a single bottle or in multipacks.

Holds Duronic S1000ML 

Designed specifically for our 1L bottles of hand sanitiser (S1000ML), the bracket holds this bottle perfectly in place.

Duronic S1000ML 1-litre hand sanitiser gel is available separately as a single bottle or in multipacks.

Hands-Free Pumping 

To prevent countless hands touching and re-touching the same bottle pump, this freestanding dispenser has a foot pump which presses the pump and dispenses the correct amount of gel every time.

Handy Trip Tray 

All pump bottles are prone to the odd drip escaping, which over a period of time can build up into a mess beneath the bottle.

The drip tray on the STF-S1L will ensure that all drips of gel are caught and contained.

The tray can easily be wiped clean as often as needed.

Anti-Theft Lock 

Bottles of sanitiser can easily be moved, get lost or go missing.

So to prevent this happening we've included a locking mechanism to hold the bottle in place.

The base of the stand can also be screwed to the floor for extra stability and security.

Mounting Options 

The STF-S1L is a freestanding design which can be stood in any location you wish. If at a later date you wish to mount the dispenser on the wall, you can do so by removing the stand from the bracket.

However, if a wall mounted version suits you better now, check out our STW-S1L which is solely a wall-mounted version that comes with the wall fixings required for installation.


The bottle bracket measures 19.5 x 15.5 x 11cm (including the drip tray).

The stand dimensions are 130 x 35 x 30cm.

Adjustable Height 

There is a 3cm adjustment range which allows you to fit the bracket perfectly to each bottle you use. This is to accommodate bottles that need more or less pressure placed on the pump to ensure they dispense the correct amount of gel.

Easy to Relocate 

The great thing about the STF-S1L stand is that you can move it to any location you like.

Its design makes it ideal for entrances, exits, hallways, lobbies and anywhere where there is a high traffic of people passing through.