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Hand Blender HB8010 

An indispensable kitchen helper, the Duronic HB8010 multi-tasking blender will fast become one of your essential go-to kitchen appliances. With a modest footprint, it takes up half the space of a normal blender but tackles the same jobs and even more. Its robust design ensures good performance every time, no matter what attachment you decide to use.

Simple but ingenious in design, the HB8010 isn’t just a standard hand blender, it’s a multi-tool food prep station designed to be ready to go as and when you need it. Unique to many other blenders on the market, this model comes with a sophisticated docking station which holds the blender and all of its attachments in an easily accessible way, ensuring that you can easily take what you need as you need it. Additionally, the dock provides easy storage and ensures no parts get lost when they are not in use.

Teamed up with the blender is an array of attachments and accessories to make cooking more enjoyable, less stressful and significantly less time consuming. An added bonus is that there is less washing up to do! Included with this blender/mixer there are four attachments which all perform different tasks:

• Steel blending wand with bell blade - ideal for blending sauces, purees, soups.
• Potato masher - ideal for mashing and creaming root vegetable like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, swede.
• Steel jug chopper blade - for chopping and dicing nuts, onions, vegetable or even biscuits to add to dessert recipes.
• Whisk - ideal for mixing batters, mayonnaise and whisking egg whites.

It also comes with two jugs/beakers:

• Large chopper jug - 1.25L / 40fl.oz (the lid on this jug attaches to the blender, enabling it to chop up the contents inside safely)
• Medium blend jug - 600ml / 20fl.oz (the lid on this jug doubles up as a non-slip base. Use on the base while in use, then remove and pop on to the top if you want to keep your    food fresh for later)

This powerful immersion mixer is equipped with a 800W motor, 5 speed levels and a turbo function. The ability to choose between 5 different mix levels is useful in a variety of preparations: for example, you can slowly blend vegetables into mash, or you can quickly beat egg whites into stiff peaks.

HB8010 Features:

Turbo Boost Mode

Ergonomically designed to be easy and comfortable to hold, the handle has a rubber cover which ensures you keep a firm grip.

On the top of the handle there is a dial which allows you to adjust the speed of the blender. In addition, there is a turbo button on the handle that allows you to pulse the food even quicker for a smoother result.

Traditional Immersion Blender

The main feature of this immersion blender is its long stainless-steel wand-style arm with 6-leaf razor sharp blades at the foot. This long heat-proof stick allows you to immerse the blender into a pot of hot or cold food and blend from the bottom to the top, while the narrowness of the design means you can work progressively around the pan/bowl until the whole mixture is blended to your liking.

Electric Potato Masher

Mashing potatoes by hand can be tiring, especially if you're doing a big portion to serve a large family.

With the HB8010 potato masher attachment you can save yourself time and energy by letting the electric blender do all the hard work. Within just a minute or two of starting, you'll have a perfect creamy mash ready to serve.

Countertop Chopper

Finely dicing veg can be tiring and time-consuming. Have your vegetables finely chopped in a matter of seconds by using the lidded jug and chopping blade. Create bases for sauces and pastas, pesto, salsa, coleslaw and even toppings for pizzas and salads.

The chopper jug has a lid to prevent splashes and spills, as well as keeping the sharp blades safely contained.

Make Wholesome Smooth Soups

Soup is a much-loved dish that can be created and served in countless ways. Making homemade soup has never been so easy. Cook the ingredients you like altogether and then pulse the blender in the saucepan to blend together.

Prepares Mash Effortlessly

It isn't just potatoes that can be mashed; why not try making your own combination? Use suede, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato or turnip to create a tasty warming root mash. Serve with a sprinkle of herbs and a nob of butter on the top for extra flavour.

Convertible Design

The HB8010 comes with a range of accessories and a hub to keep them all on. Simply press the two buttons on each side of the handle to release the bell blade/whisk/masher/chopper blade, and attach another by clicking it into place. It couldn't be simpler!

Multi-task Action

When preparing a meal, you may find you need to create several different textures and preparations. The HB8010 has been designed to be versatile and ready for anything.

From starters, mains to dessert, this hand blender will help to prepare all courses quickly and with ease.

Powerful Motor

Boasting a powerful 800W motor, this immersion blender will pulse its way through veg, fruit, nuts and more, to create a result that is restaurant-worthy.

The one-hand speed dial on the top gives maximum control allowing you to use your thumb to adjust the speed while you are in the middle of blending.