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LED grow lights are the newest trend for the cultivation of indoor plants. Using an advanced full spectrum LED grow light will provide your plant/s with a broad spectrum of light that is similar to natural sunlight and so enhances the process of photosynthesis. This grow light will enhance the natural growth process of your plants from seed germination to fruit/veg or bloom bearing.


Red and blue LED lights have been proven best for encouraging plant growth, and so this light provides you with the option to use red, blue or a combination of the two colours to obtain the best kind of light for your plants. By a simple flick of a switch on the side of the lamp, you can choose between blue light to enhance seeding and germination, red light for helping flowers to bloom quicker or select both together for a combination of both colours for all-round benefits.


The main colour light emitted is blue (peak 450nm) and red (peak 660nm), which supplies the most efficient wavelength to enhance photosynthesis performance. This lamp has a total of 60 LED bulbs which consist of 39x red bulbs, 19x blue bulbs and 2x infrared. The light wavelengths it produces is similar to natural sunshine which encourages healthy plant growth and development. Whether you are growing vegetables, fruits or herbs, they will thrive with the help of this lamp.


Installing this lamp is easy; simply attach the hanging wire to the top of the light unit and find a suitable place to hang it over your plants. We recommend that you consider which height is best to place this at to achieve the best productivity and yield from your plants. The unit has air vents to allow air to free flow and circulate and keep it cool whilst in use. A digital hygrometer is included alongside your lamp to help you create the best environment for cultivation.


60x 10w COB LED bulbs (39x red, 19x blue and 2x infrared). LEDs angle: 120°. Bulb lifespan: 50,000 hours. Flux = 863.38 lm. Wavelengths: Red: 660 nm, Blue: 450nm, IR: 935nm. Colour: black. Power: 600W. Dimensions: 60x40x17cm / 23.6x15.7x2.7in. Weight: 2.6kg/5.7lb. Cable length: 1.5m/59in. Fitted with a BS 3-pin plug (G). For indoor use only.