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DURONIC GROMMET NO.2: DM-GR-02 is a grommet adapter set for converting a standard Duronic desk mount clamp into a grommet fixing.

SOLUTION FOR ATTACHING DESK MOUNT TO DESK: A grommet fixing is the ideal solution for those who find the standard Duronic clamp is not suitable for their desk. This grommet will attach directly to the desk through a hole in the surface.

CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY: Please ensure you select the correct grommet for your desk mount. This DM-GR-02 grommet is specifically made for DM55 and DM65 ranges and the DM45 range (excluding DM451). If you require a grommet for a different DM model, please see our other grommets DM-GR-01 and DM-GR-03.

COMPATIBLE MODELS: DM452 / DM453 / DM454 / DM551X1 / DM551X2 / DM552 / DM553 / DM554 / DM55W1X1 / DM55W1X2 / DM651X1 / DM651X2 / DM652 / DM653 / DM65W1X1 / DM65W1X2.

EASY TO INSTALL: All fittings/screws needed are supplied with the grommet along with a step-by-step guide for installation.