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INCREASED VERSATILITY WITH THREE TIER FOOD STEAMER: This electric food steamer features three tiers and a rice bowl, enabling simultaneous cooking of diverse ingredients. Steam fish, meat, assorted vegetables like asparagus, sweet potato, carrot, and rice together. Use the three tiers to steam various items or larger batches of one item i.e. dumplings. This multi-cooker also functions as an egg boiler using the rice bowl or a vegetable strainer with the basket.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING THIS ELECTRIC STEAMER? The Duronic Electric Food Steamer is versatile, capable of steaming a variety of ingredients, including vegetables, dumplings, and rice. This cooking method effectively preserves natural flavours, textures, and locks in more nutrients than an air fryer. With this dumpling steamer, experience the perfect balance of health, flavour, and efficiency.

ENERGY EFFICIENT WITH TIMER - This vegetable steamer features a timer function and cooks food items based on the set time. With a timer knob adjustable up to 60 minutes, finding the optimal cooking time is easy. Not only does this feature ensure energy efficiency by automatically shutting off when the timer completes, but it also signals the end of the cooking process with a ringing sound. This enables you to attend to other tasks with peace of mind, knowing your food will be perfectly cooked.

WATER GAUGE FOR INCREASED CONVENIENCE - This electric food steamer comes equipped with a water gauge that features a light, making it simpler to keep track of the water level and ensure there's enough water for continuous food steaming. The gauge has markings for both the minimum (500ml) and maximum (1500ml) levels. With its illuminated display, monitoring becomes effortless, promoting accuracy and reducing the risk of overfilling for better performance.

WHAT CAN YOU MAKE IN A ELECTRIC FOOD STEAMER? - This food steamer allows you to enjoy healthier and more diverse meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Enjoy steamed eggs, sausages or steamed veggie rice bowl. Explore meals from different countries, with the FS95, there’s no need for a bamboo steamer to enjoy dumplings Dim Sum or mochi. This vegetable steamer can also be used to prepare baby food with steamed vegetables and rice. The possibilities are endless with this Duronic food steamer.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CLEAN - The Duronic Electric Food Steamer features detachable parts for effortless cleaning and convenient storage. Its lightweight design facilitates easy movement and positioning. Additionally, with three tiers, you can use one tier while reserving the others for later use if needed.

SPECIFICATIONS - The Duronic Electric Food Steamer measures 47(H) x 28(W) x 21(D)cm and weighs just over 2.5kg, making it lightweight and easily portable. Its water basket has a minimum capacity of 500ml and a maximum of 1500ml enabling efficient steaming regardless of the quantity. Additionally, its BPA-free construction enhances safety. With a robust 950W heating element, it ensures efficient cooking capabilities.