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Duronic Food Steamer FS87

If you have a busy lifestyle, you do not always have enough time to cook a healthy meal. After a long day at work you may not feel like cooking food for everyone, but do not worry, Duronic has you covered.

With our FS87 food steamer, you can maintain a healthy diet without having to dedicate a long time to it. With just 5-10 minutes spent preparing the food, you can then place it in the steamer, set the timer and leave it to cook away.

Steam cooking has many advantages; in addition to being a faster method of cooking, it also produces healthier meals compared to oven baking, frying or grilling. The steam naturally preserves all of the natural nutrients and vitamins, keeps the food juicy, tender and cooked to perfection. Any excess juices from meat or fish drain away into the bottom tray.

Instead of using numerous pots and pans to cook a meal, with this clever steamer you can steam meat, fish, pulses, vegetables and more all in the one appliance at the same time. The mess is kept to a minimum, clean up is quick and easy, and the best part is that you can leave the FS87 to cook the food while you get on with something else!


Compact Nesting Design

When not in use, the food steamer can be stored in a cupboard, pantry or kitchen drawer.

Each of the food trays have been made to be slightly smaller than each other, so that one slots inside of the other. This makes storage of the whole machine very easy.

Convertible Tray Compartments

It has 3 cooking trays with removable stainless-steel bottoms, so you can use each tray for separate layers of food or remove the tray bottoms and create one large compartment to cook something bigger like a whole chicken.

Easy to Clean

The only thing you will have to clean after cooking will be the trays you use and the lid, nothing else!

If you have a dishwasher and do not feel like hand washing the trays, you can put them in the dishwasher instead where they will wash safely and be ready for the next use.

Viewable Water Gauge

The base water tank can hold a maximum of 1200ml of water which is used to generate the steam to cook the food.

During the cooking process, the water level will naturally fall. You can keep a check of this using the water gauge on the front of the machine; if it needs refilling whilst the machine is on, use a kettle to pour hot water through the handle spouts to top it up. Hot water is recommended so that it doesn't cool the machine down and therefore won't affect the cooking time of your meal.

Efficient Power

The power of this electric steamer is 870 watts, powerful enough to ensure that food is cooked quickly and thoroughly.

It starts working as soon as it is switched on, so there is no need to preheat the machine before adding food. Simply add your meat, veggies or rice and turn it on.

Large 10.61 Litre Capacity

Each tray has a different capacity which enables you to use each for a different purpose.

As well as this, it helps to make storage easier as they all nest within each other.

The total capacity of all the compartments together is 10.61L, a big space which can be utilised by simply removing the metal tray bottoms from the top two compartments to create one larger compartment.

Programmable Timer with Auto Shut-Off

The FS87 has a built-in timer function which allows you to set the cooking time up to 60 minutes / 1 hour.

If you have different ingredients that require a different amount of time to each other, the timer is ideal to set at increments to remind you when it is time to add each ingredient.

Cook a Whole Variety of Foods

A white tray with easy-lift handles is included for cooking smaller ingredients such as rice, lentils, pulses, beans and seeds.

This is ideal for those who are leading a vegan or vegetarian plant-based diet, or simply for those who like to incorporate extra nutrients or carbs into their diet.

Healthy in Every Way

A main concern with plastic products is whether they contain harmful (BPA) - our food steamer is non-toxic and 100% BPA-free.

Steam cooking in the FS87 creates healthier meals all round, packed with nutrients and bursting with natural flavour.