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FN55 Wall Mounted Fan 

The Duronic FN55 wall mounted fan is especially useful for those who suffer from heat in the office or in a poorly ventilated room. When the summer months arrive being indoors can feel even hotter than being outside, often leaving you feeling overheated and sticky. It can be an inconvenience at work as being uncomfortably hot can be distracting and can affect your concentration. In the home, it can make everyone grumpy, irritable and unproductive. It can even affect your sleep.

An electric fan is an essential addition for any household or workplace; at just the touch of a button, it can provide instant and continuous cooling relief to combat indoor heat and make summer days more comfortable.

The FN55 fan is wall mountable which means it will be positioned out of the way and not take up any floor or desk space. As well as this, having it mounted up on a wall means there are less obstructions to the airflow so the air can circulate around the room with fluidity. It is highly adjustable in angle and oscillation; the fan head can be tilted forwards or backwards, can oscillate side-to-side or stay stationery focusing in one direction.

Additionally, this model has two more very useful features:

a timer function which allows you to set the fan to switch off automatically at any time from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours
a remote control to enable you to change any of the settings at a distance for added convenience

FN55 Features:

Rotating Action

The head rotates around from side to side, left to right, which allows it to distribute cool air over a wider area. It can also be fixed into a stationery position to focus the air flow into one constant direction.

3 Speed Fan with Timer

1 is the slowest speed which creates a gentle breeze ideal for those sitting in close proximity to the fan as it will not blow papers or light objects away. Also, as the name suggests, night mode is perfect to use in the bedroom as it's the quietest option so will not hinder you falling asleep.

2 is the moderate speed which blows a steady even breeze around the room.

3 is the fastest speed produces a refreshing cool flourish that will distribute around the room quickly; this mode is best used if there are several people in the room or if you are situated further from the fan.

Additionally, this fan has a practical timer function that allows you to set the fan to run automatically from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.

Easy to Mount

Installation is simple and straightforward to do.

An easy-to-follow instruction manual will be included to guide you through the steps.