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FN15 Convertible Fan

The Duronic FN15 mini fan is especially useful for those who suffer from heat in the office or in a poorly ventilated room. When the summer months arrive being indoors can feel even hotter than being outside, often leaving you feeling overheated and sticky. It's an inconvenience at work as being uncomfortably hot can be distracting and can affect your concentration. A simple solution is to get a fan, and the FN15 is the perfect solution for you.

It's a small versatile tabletop fan that can be positioned anywhere you need it to be. The advantage of using a mini desktop fan is that it allows you to use it discretely, that is to say without disturbing colleagues or friends who cope with the heat better.

In addition, the two power levels allow you to choose the desired speed to either get the full power of the fan (30W) or to get a gentle breeze that will not blow all of your papers and other light items away from the desk. The advantage of the first speed is also to be able to use without risk of irritating allergies, as opposed to larger more powerful fans that may stir up surrounding dust into the air. The second speed level is more recommended for general ventilation, for example, from a wall or at a more generous distance from the user. On this higher speed, it is perfectly positioned at the edge of a larger table, clamped onto a shelf or when mounted on the wall.

FN15 Features:

Clamp Attachment

The fan has a clamp that can clip onto a desk, shelf, a bar of a bed or any other shape that you can grip with your hand. The clip has rubber pads to protect the object on which you fix it to and to also ensure it doesn't slip out of position.

Free Standing Base 

The detachable base makes it possible to use this fan as a conventional desktop fan.

Hidden in the base is a handy storage pot for all of your small accessories or stationery items. It makes an ideal place to store your keys or loose change to keep them secure while working.

Wall Mountable

To save space the fan can also be wall mounted. The clamp has a hole in the base which can be used to mount the fan onto a screw or hook. The head can then be titled to the optimal position for the user.

Adjustable Tilting Head

This fan is fully adjustable from top to bottom to allow the use of the device regardless of the place you have chosen to fix it into.

Two Speed Settings

Choose between two speeds to find the air flow to suit your personal taste. Changing the speed level can be done easily on the fly.

Rotating Action

The head can be rotated from side to side, allowing you to find the best direction for the breeze to blow in.