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Duronic Fly Killer UV Light FK8416 [MEDIUM]

Nothing is more annoying than flies hovering around the room, landing on food and just being general pests!

Instead of trying to catch them with fly swatters or with harmful pesticides, why not try the Duronic electric fly zapper lamp? Its two 8W ultra-violet bulbs attract flies, mosquitos and other flying insects and will kill them instantly.

The FK8416 is the medium-sized model in our range of hanging fly killer lamps; it is 39.5 x 26 x 9cm in size and can be used freestanding or hung with a chain.

16 Watts of Bug-Zapping Power 

Flying insects will be attracting to three sides of the lamp: the front, top and bottom.

The FK8416 has two 8W Ultra-Violet light bulbs, which effectively attract all kinds of flying bugs to fly towards it and get zapped.

Easy to Empty and Clean 

Underneath the lamp is removable collection tray which can be slid out to empty and washed with warm water and dish soap.

We recommend emptying and cleaning the tray weekly to prevent the build up of debris.

Safety First 

The UV zapping bulbs are encapsulated with a protective solid metal mesh which prevents fingers and other small objects from being inserted inside.

The electric grill lies 3.5cm away from the metal outer frame for added safety.

Where to Position Your Fly Killer

It is important to carefully consider the place you install your fly killer because if it is placed in the wrong location, it can make it less effective or even worse, attract even more flies!!

1) Height: on average, insects fly around 6 feet from the floor, so be sure to position your fly killer somewhere between 5-7 feet from the floor to ensure it will catch the most amount of flies possible. The FK8412 can be hung using a chain, but it can also be stood on a surface.

2) Away from other sources of light: insects are naturally attracted to bright lights. Your fly killer will be less effective if it is placed near a competing source of light like a window or lightbulb.

3) So it is not visible from outside: as most flying bugs come from outside, placing your fly killer too close to a window isn't a good idea as it will entice even more to come in.

4) Not near any dining or food preparation areas: we do not recommend placing your fly killer lamp above places where food is prepared or served. Depending on their size, when some bugs are zapped by the lamp fragmentation may occur, as such there is a risk of contamination.

5) Above doors: the best position for your fly killer should be the entry point which the flying insects are most likely to come in from.