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Electric Spice Grinder CG300

If you enjoy cooking, you’ll understand the importance of freshly ground and chopped herbs and spices. Freshly prepared seasonings are superior in every way to their dried store-bought counterparts; in taste, aroma and nutrition they add more to the meal.

Using the Duronic CG300 spice grinder in your own kitchen allows you to prepare your own herbs and spices fresh and as you need them. Simply choose which spice/herb/ingredient you need to prepare, add up to 100g of it to the stainless-steel bowl, put the lid on and press the top of the machine to set the steel blades pulsating through to reduce the mixture to the right consistency. When it is ready to your liking, you can easily transfer the ingredient into another dish by removing the bowl.

Preparing your own ingredients can be rewarding in many ways, not least because it can save time and money while at the same time adding more to your cooking than processed store-bought products.

CG300 features:


The perfect size for a busy kitchen; the CG300 electric spice grinder measures 27x11x11cm / 11x4x4in.

Its sleek compact design means it is easy to fit in on your counter or store in a cupboard.

Press-Down Activation

The CG300 has a powerful 300W motor which makes short work of grinding beans, spices or any other ingredient you place inside.

 To turn on the grinder you simply press down on the cover for as long as you want to grind the contents and release once done.

Easy to Clean

It comes with a removable stainless-steel cup which is easy to remove, transfer the ingredients and then clean afterwards. 

And hidden underneath the machine is a cleaning that helps you to clean around the stainless-steel blades when you're finished.