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Duronic CG300 Coffee Grinder 

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll understand the importance of freshly ground coffee vs. instant coffee. Freshly ground coffee is far superior both in taste and nutrition. While instant coffee serves a purpose for those on the go, it leaves out most of the flavour, nutrients and even caffeine.

But for those who take the time to enjoy the taste of their coffee, to appreciate its undertones and flavours, making fresh coffee at home is always a much better experience. That being said, making homemade coffee doesn't have to take all morning. With the use of our CG300, in a few short minutes you could be enjoying the best cup of coffee you've ever had.

Using the CG300 coffee grinder at home allows you to take control of your coffee. Simply select your coffee beans, add up to 100g of them to the stainless-steel bowl, put the lid in place and then press the top of the machine to allow the stainless-steel blades to pulsate through the beans to reduce them to the right consistency. Use them in a cafetiere or coffee machine to brew and enjoy.

Once you get started, you can explore the world of coffee beans. Coffee shops are limited to offering a small range, often one or two, which you get used to by default. But by grounding your own beans, it will give you the freedom to try a varieties of  beans until you find the ones that hit the spot. Why not cast off on your own coffee quest and explore all the varieties from around the world in the comfort of your own home.


The CG300 boasts a 300W motor which makes short work of grinding beans or anything else you put in it. It comes with a removable stainless-steel bowl, which is easy to remove and allows you to transfer the coffee granules and then clean it easily. Cleaning the bowl is easy and the grinder comes with a hidden brush under the base which can be used to clean around the stainless-steel blades. The grinder has rubber feet underneath to ensure stability.

Alternative ideas:

Did you know that our coffee grinder can also grind much more than beans? Nuts, seeds, spices, herbs and even cereals... it will make short work of grinding them all into fine powder/tiny pieces. The longer you pulse, the finer the result.

As well as dry ingredients like peanuts, flax seeds and biscuits, our amazing coffee grinder can take wet ingredients too. It's like a mini blender!

You could use sweet fruit to blend into a coulis for desserts or walnuts for the top of a cake.

Or how about trying your hand at savoury sauces? You could try making a garlic and herb dip, a mint sauce for lamb, horseradish sauce for beef or even pesto for pasta.

CG300 Features:

Wet and Dry

Our grinder has a  powerful 300w motor and an easy to use power switch which is used by applying pressure to the top of the lid.

Alternative Uses

The CG300 can hold up to 100g of coffee (or any other ingredient you want to try)

Hidden cleaning brush is found under the base