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Short Product Description

ECO-FRIENDLY FAST BOIL: Not all tea and coffee drinks require water at the highest temperature of 100°c, however with a standard kettle you have no choice but to boil your water to the higher temperature (using more power) and then have to either make your drink with water that destroys the taste of the cup and also wastes power unnecessarily. With the EK30WE kettle you can boil water to the temperature you need, saving you time and money at the same time.

VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Easy to reach buttons on the handle of this kettle allow you to alter the temperature of the water you want to heat. Choose from 40°c, 60°c, 90°c or 100°c depending on what beverage you are making. 40°c is ideal for Lemsips and hot water bottles, 60°c is for unique coffees, 80°c is ideal for tea and coffee, and 100°c is for black tea and other herbal teas.

KEEP WARM FUNCTION: Another great function of this Duronic water boiler is that after heating your water you can press the Keep Warm button to keep the water in the kettle at the same hot temperature for up to 30 minutes. This is perfect if you usually like to go for second drink after your first one, of if you know someone else will want a hot drink shortly after you.

CORDLESS DESIGN WITH ADDED SAFETY FEATURES: For safety and convenience reasons we have designed this kettle to be cordless and have a 360° base which enables you to lift the kettle from any direction you wish making it idea for both left-handed and right-handed users. Additional safety features include auto shut-off and boil dry protection.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Cordless design. Quiet operation compared to other kettles on the market. Easy lift lid. Temperature settings 40-100°c. Visible transparent window to show indication of the water level. Concealed heating element. Notification beep lets you know when the kettle is finished heating. Strong stainless-steel spout filter. Easy to clean and descale. Power: 2500W-3000W. Jug capacity: 0.5L – 1.5L. Size: 26cm x 14.5cm (23cm with handle).

Enhanced Description

Electric Kettle EK30 /WE  [WHITE] 

An essential feature of every kitchen is the kettle - an appliance we all turn to for a whole variety of uses; the main of course is to make tea or coffee. What many hot drink lovers do not realise is that coffees and teas are supposed to be made with different temperature water to achieve the best taste. For instance, it has been discovered over recent years that instant coffee should not be made with boiling water as this will just burn the coffee beans immediately. Who knew?!

The Duronic EK30 kettle is setting the trend in the eco-style kitchen; with the ability to parboil water and keep it warm for up to 30 minutes, you’ll find that instead of firing up the kettle every single time you want a cuppa will be a thing of the past.

Great for those mornings when you might need a second cup to start your day, you can simmer your water for 30 minutes at exactly the temperature you want, saving you time and energy. 

Fast Boil Technology 

With its powerful 3000W heating element, this kettle will fast boil and heat the water very quickly.
Fast heating paired with being able to customise the temperature means that this kettle will make your drink exactly as you like it and you'll be able to drink it immediately. No more putting the cup down waiting for it to cool and then accidentally forgetting about it until it's too cold! 

Large Capacity Water Jug  

This kettle has a capacity of 1.5 litres and features a handy external transparent gauge which lets you see just how much water you are putting into the kettle which allows you to get just the right amount for your requirements. This in turn prevents boiling too much water unnecessarily which will help reduce costs and energy consumption. 

Cool-to-Touch Design 

Unlike most single-walled kettles, the body of the EK30 is double insulated to ensure that it is safe to touch. The outside of the kettle will stay relatively cool while boiling and heating the water inside, alleviating any risk of contact burns.
This is a useful feature for those who may wish to use both hands when holding the kettle to be able to pour at a steady pace. 

Variable Temperature Control  

Thanks to the variable temperature functions on this Duronic Electric Kettle; you can make all of your favourite hot drinks how you like, with options of 40 ° / 60 ° / 80 ° / 100 ° C that can be selected at the touch of a button.
This innovative kettle offers an option of four temperature settings and a keep-warm function that simmers your water for up to 30 minutes. With this level of control, you will be able to make hot drinks just the way you like them.

Keep-Warm Function for Added Convenience  

In addition to the temperature controller, this kettle also has a handy keep warm function. If you select this function, the kettle will heat the water as soon as the temperature drops by more than 2 ° C and will continue to do this for 30 minutes. This is not only useful when entertaining or making several drinks, but also uses less energy than re-boiling again and again. Economical and convenient!

Robust Filter Spout  

Particular care was taken when developing the filter for the spout in this kettle as we found that many kettles on the market have gaps between the filter and wall of the kettle which lets pieces of limescale get through when poured.
Our special limescale filter fits snugly against the kettle wall ensuring that your boiled water is 100% filtered. The filter is also easy to remove and wash by hand when necessary.