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With a generous 1.7-litre capacity, the EK17 electric kettle is ideal for busy households and office kitchens as it caters for up to 11 cups at a time. The transparent window on the front of the jug allows you to check how much water is in there so you know when you need to fill up again. The simple and yet contemporary design will suit any kitchen worktop and make hot drink making a quick and easy task.


Sometimes the simple things are the best, and this is certainly the case with the EK17 kettle. Unlike the more complicated style of kettles that you can buy, the EK17 provides you with a simple and basic design that does the job it’s meant to do perfectly. Lift the flid-top lid by pressing the button on the handle, fill up the kettle, close the lid and switch it on. The water will heat and once it reaches boiling point the kettle will automatically switch off.


For safety and convenience reasons we have designed this kettle to be cordless and have a 360° base which enables you to swivel or lift the kettle from any direction you wish making, it ideal for both left-handed and right-handed users.


Additional safety features include auto shut-off and boil-dry protection. On the base of the kettle, stand are non-slip feet which keep the appliance stable at all times.


Cordless design. Quiet operation compared to other kettles on the market. Easy lift lid. Boils water to 100°c. Visible transparent window to show indication of the water level. Concealed heating element. Removable spout filter. Easy to clean and descale. Colour: white. Power: 2500-3000W. Jug capacity: 0.3L – 1.7L. Size: 24x22x15.5cm / 9.4x8.7x6in. Cable length: 70cm/27.6in.

Electric Kettle EK17 WE [WHITE]

With the rapid boil EK17 kettle, you will always have hot water to hand whenever you need it. Whether you want to make hot drinks, stock for your stew or fill up your hot water bottle, with one flick of the switch you will have hot water in just minutes. With its generous 1.7-litre capacity, this electric kettle is perfect for catering for all of your family and friends in one go. The simple and yet contemporary design with matt white finish will suit any kitchen worktop and the hidden cable management in the base means you can avoid having any unsightly excess cable on display.

Fast Boil Technology  

With its powerful 3000W heating element, this kettle will fast boil and heat the water very quickly. In addition to this, this kettle has auto shut-off/boil-dry protection which prevents your kettle from heating up/boiling if there is not enough water inside of it.

Large Capacity Water Jug

This kettle has a capacity of 1.7 litres which will cater for up to 11 cups of tea or coffee. It has a handy external transparent gauge that lets you see just how much water you are putting into the kettle which allows you to get just the right amount for your requirements.

Ergonomic Handle & 360 Base

The EK17 has a cool-to-touch ergonomic handle that makes lifting the kettle easy and comfortable. The base allows for 360° rotation so you can lift it from any direction you wish, regardless if you a left-handed or right-handed.

Easy to Use

To turn on the kettle simply flick the switch downwards, the power LED will light up and the water will start to heat up.

Once the water has reached boiling point, the switch will automatically flick upwards and the kettle will turn off.

Simplistic Design

Spending and filling the kettle is fast and easy to do. Simply press the button on the handle and the lid will flip open.

Fill the kettle with water and then push the lid back down into place to close it.

Easy-Pour Spout

Particular care was taken when developing the filter for the spout in this kettle as we found that many kettles on the market have gaps between the filter and wall of the kettle which lets pieces of limescale get through when poured.
Our special limescale filter fits snugly against the kettle wall ensuring that your boiled water is 100% filtered.