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Short Product Description

HAND BLENDER HB35 BUNDLE: This Hand Blender bundle features all you need to ensure easy cooking in the kitchen. This 350W immersion stick blender boasts a durable stainless steel shaft and includes additional whisk, masher, mini food chopper and spiralizer attachments, for all your cooking needs. Accompanied by a convenient 0.6L jug, seamlessly whip up smoothies, baby food, and soups with ease using this comprehensive hand blender set. 

HAND BLENDER BUNDLE WITH VERSATILE ATTACHEMENTS: This hand blender features a stainless steel immersion shaft which has 13500 RPM ensuring your food is blended to perfection every time. Seamlessly transition to the whisk attachment when whipping up pancake batter or achieving that airy texture for your omelette. Need to mash potatoes or vegetables for baby food? Simply lock in the masher attachment with a quick push and twist motion, ensuring the ideal texture and consistency every time.

MINI FOOD CHOPPER AND SPIRALIZER: This hand blender bundle also features a spiralizer and a mini food chopper to enjoy soups and vegetables however you want. With a 0.5L chopper bowl make dips and sauces to complement your meals or snacks. Embrace a healthier lifestyle by effortlessly incorporating more vegetables into your diet with the 1.4L spiralizer attachment. From zucchini noodles to curly sweet potato chips, this hand blender bundle lets you do more.

LOCKING FEATURE AND TWO SPEED SETTING: With dual speed control, personalise the consistency of your meals, soups and smoothies. Adjust the texture of baby food, to suit your baby’s taste buds. The simple push and twist lock function, allows for easy switching between the attachments and ensures they stay securely in place when in use.

SPECIFICATIONS: This hand blender bundle features an immersion stick shaft, whisk and masher attachment as well as a 1.4L spiralizer and 0.5L chopper attachment and a 600ml jug of blending. With a 350W motor, 13500 RPM and 2 speeds, efficiently blend your food to the perfect consistency. Make smoothies, dips, baby food, mash and bake with this hand blender bundle.

Enhanced Description

Duronic HB35 Electric Hand Blender Bundle

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Introducing a versatile hand blender set with stainless steel shaft for seamless blending. Effortlessly prepare dips, hummus, and more with attachments like a mini chopper. Store ingredients conveniently with a 0.6L blending jug and lid and effortlessly clean with detachable blades.

Accessories Included with Duronic Immersion Stick Blender HB35

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Stainless Steel Hand Blender

This hand blender set boasts a powerful stainless steel shaft, ensuring seamless blending of ingredients when making baby food, dips, soups or smoothies.

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0.5L Mini Food Chopper Attachment

This hand blender set includes a versatile mini food chopper attachment, perfect for effortlessly preparing hummus, pesto, dips, and salsas with ease and precision.

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Masher Attachment for Hand Blender Bundle

Enhance your cooking skills with this hand blender set's masher attachment, ideal for creating velvety mashed potatoes and creamy dips with absolute ease and efficiency.

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Hand Blender's Whisk Attachment for Baking

Elevate your baking and cooking game with the hand blender set's whisk attachment, perfect for effortlessly mixing batters for cakes and desserts, as well as creating fluffy omelettes with ease.

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Generous Blending Capacity & Lid for Easy Storage

This hand blender set features a 0.6L blending jug with a convenient lid, allowing for easy storage of blended ingredients, ensuring freshness and minimal mess in your kitchen.

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1.4L Vegetable Spiralizer for Hand Blender Bundle

Experiment more with vegetables with this hand blender bundle. Featuring a 1.4L spiralizer attachment, effortlessly create spiralized vegetable to make curly fires, stir fries, salads and more.

This electric hand blender set includes a stainless steel shaft for seamless blending and a mini food chopper for hummus and dips. It also features a potato masher, a veg spiralizer and a whisk for whisking cake batters and making omelettes. With a 0.6L blending jug and lid, storage is effortless.

Electric Hand Blender Features


Secure Attachment Locks

Attachments securely lock into place by twisting, ensuring stability and safety while blending, chopping, mashing or whisking with the hand blender.


350W Immersion Stick blender

This electric immersion stick blender boasts 350W power, delivering an impressive 13500 RPM for swift and efficient blending tasks.

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Electric Blender with 2 speeds

With 2 speeds, this electric hand blender offers easy control, allowing you to adjust the blending intensity to suit your culinary needs.

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Ergonomic Blender Blade Design

This hand blender features an ergonomic blade design with different blade types for efficient blending. It also includes anti-splash features.