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Short Product Description

ENHANCED VERSATILITY THROUGH DUAL CONE SIZES - The Duronic electric citrus juicer offers enhanced versatility with two differently sized cones and dual rotation functionality. The orange squeezers cone size suits larger fruits like oranges, while the smaller cone is ideal for lemons or limes. With dual rotation operation, this electric citrus press ensures thorough extraction of juice from the fruit, minimising waste and maximising effectiveness, aiding you in your health journey.

ADJUSTABLE FILTER FOR ADDED CONVENIENCE – This lightweight electric citrus juicer includes an adjustable filter which can be twisted open or closed to control the amount of pulp in the juice. This feature not only enhances efficiency but also simplifies usage. Moreover, with the electric citrus press being equipped with a 1600ml capacity and a jug featuring a handle, serving freshly squeezed, nutritious juice becomes effortless during family meals or small gatherings.

EASY TO USE WITH INTUITIVE OPERATION - This lightweight, portable electric citrus juicer, doubling as an orange squeezer, offers simplicity in operation. Just press down on the fruit, and the juicer starts extracting juice. Take charge of your juicing process, reducing waste and enhancing convenience. Its straightforward operation ensures effortless extraction, allowing you to enjoy fresh juice or craft the perfect blend for mocktails and cocktails without hassle.

ENHANCED STABILITY WITH ANTI-SLIP FEATURE - These electric citrus juicers are equipped with a rubber ring on the base, enhancing stability during operation. Three rubber feet further ensure stability, preventing accidental tipping and protecting surfaces from scratches and damage. Moreover, the orange squeezer’s jug securely locks closed for easy cleaning and adds convenience and stability during juice extraction.

SPECIFICATIONS – This electric citrus juicer has a spacious 1600ml capacity and can handle large quantities of citrus fruits. Operating at 220-240V, and consuming 40W of power, it delivers efficient performance for your juicing needs. It’s equipped with a 1m cable, allowing for flexible placement and stands at 25(H) x 23(W) x 16(D) cm, offering a compact footprint suitable for various kitchen setups. Weighing under 1 kg, it is lightweight and easily portable.








Enhanced Description

Duronic Electric Citrus Juicer JE416

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Introducing the Duronic Electric Citrus Juicer JE416 – perfect for fresh, nutritious juice. With a 1600ml capacity, adjustable pulp filter, and large and small cones, it juices all citrus fruits. This 40W juicer features dishwasher-safe parts and detachable storage for ultimate convenience.

Duronic Electric Orange Squeezer JE416 Features

Capacity copy.jpg__PID:a988a210-f30d-4b58-8b29-3e7275a3e15b

1600ml Capacity Citrus Juicer

Make nutritious juice for your entire family with this electric citrus juicer's generous 1600ml capacity.

Filter copy.jpg__PID:88a210f3-0d4b-484b-a93e-7275a3e15b77

Filter Adjustable Citrus Press

This orange squeezer has an adjustable filter allowing control over the amount of pulp in your juice. Make juice to suit everyone.

Small size cup.jpg__PID:290cc7a9-88a2-40f3-8d4b-584b293e7275

Large Size Juicing Cone

Included with this electric citrus juicer is a large cone for extracting juice from larger fruits like grapefruits and oranges.

Big size cup.jpg__PID:c7a988a2-10f3-4d4b-984b-293e7275a3e1

Small Size Juicing Cone

The electric citrus juicer also features a compact cone tailored for juicing lemons and limes, offering versatility to extract juice from any fruit.

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Powerful 40W Electric Orange Squeezer

This 40W electric citrus juicer comes equipped with a convenient 0.86m cord length, ensuring flexibility in placement. Enjoy effortless juicing with optimal power and the freedom to move around your kitchen with ease.

Electric Lemon Squeezer with Easy Maintenance

Premium Dual Image.jpg__PID:89290cc7-a988-4210-b30d-4b584b293e72

Electric Citrus Juicer with Dish Washable Parts

The Duronic Electric lemon squeezer offers hassle-free cleaning and maintenance with its dishwasher-safe parts, including the cones. Enjoy effortless juicing with added convenience and peace of mind with this electric citrus juicer.

Premium Dual Image 1.jpg__PID:10f30d4b-584b-493e-b275-a3e15b7756ad

Detachable Orange Squeezer for Easy Storage

The Duronic electric citrus juicer can be detached and conveniently stored in the fridge without the need to transfer to another jug, maintaining freshness for longer.

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