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Short Product Description

7 EGG COOKER: Whether you are prepping your breakfast before rushing off to work or catering for the whole family, this electric egg boiler can prepare up to 7 boiled eggs at a time. Cooking them is as easy as can be; simply fill the water tank, load the egg basket with eggs, place the lid on top and choose how you would like your eggs cooked.

CHOOSE FROM SOFT, MEDIUM OR HARD BOILED: Standard electric egg boilers only tend to have a simple on/off switch which does not factor in if you have a preference on soft, medium or hard boiled eggs. With this programmable egg boiler, you can choose the exact doneness of your egg with the timer function.

REHEAT FUNCTION: The beeping alarm function will notify you when the eggs are ready, so you can enjoy the eggs when they are just off the boil; all fresh and deliciously hot. Although sometimes time can run away from us, and although we plan to eat at a certain time, by the time you get to your eggs they have gotten cold already. Thanks to the handy reheat function, you can gently warm up your eggs again after they’ve cooled down.

WATER CUP AND EGG PIERCER INCLUDED: The EB35 comes with a small water cup that provides the right measure of water to fill up the water tank. And on the underside of the water cup is a concave base with a pin inside which is especially for piercing the bottom of your eggs with. Eggs should be pierced on the larger end as this helps to keep the shell from cracking during the boiling process.

SPECIFICATIONS: Colour: white with stainless-steel. Power: 400W. Size: 22x22x14.5cm/8.6x8.6x5.7in. Cable length: 80cm/31.4in. BS British Standard 3-pin plug.

Enhanced Description

EB35 Egg Boiler 

How many times have you tried to cook the perfect egg? It is not always as easy as it looks!

The Duronic EB35 egg boiler is a revolutionary kitchen appliance which allows you to cook eggs easily without having to supervise and time a boiling pan. The result? Perfect eggs every time.

This egg boiler can cook up to 7 eggs at a time to your desired consistency, i.e. soft, semi-hard or hard boiled. It features a 350-watt motor and is made from Stainless-Steel and BPA-free plastic.

It also has a very useful keep-warm function which keeps the eggs warm after they are cooked. Likewise, it can be used for reheating eggs if they have already gone cold.

How to Use

1. Fill up the measuring cup with water and pour into the egg boiler

2. Pierce each egg once on the larger side using the bottom of the pin at the bottom of the measuring cup.

3. Place egg basket into the boiler unit

4. Place eggs into the basket

5. Put the lid on and use the dial to select your desired cooking time

6. When finished, the egg boiler will make a bleeping sound to let you know when your eggs are ready. 

7. Turn the lid upside down, fill with cold water and immerse the eggs in the basket to cool them down and stop the cooking process (particularly important if you like your egg yolk a particular way)

8. Enjoy your meal!

EB35 Features: 

Easy to Clean

This device is composed of a base, an egg basket, and the lid. The simplicity of the design means it's easy to wash, dry and store after use.

The lid can also be used to submerse the eggs into cold water after cooking, or alternatively somewhere to put the discarded shell when peeling the eggs - saving having to wash another dish!

"How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning?"
"I like mine with a twist..."

Made with versatility in mind, this egg boiler has a dial which allows you to program how long you want your eggs to be cooking. You can have them soft and runny, somewhere in between or cooked through so they are firm and hard boiled.

2-in-1 Tool

Included is this cup which is used to measure how much water you need to add to the machine. A nifty feature is that you can turn it on its head to reveal the pin that can be used to pierce the eggs.

Runny / Soft Boiled

Soft boiled eggs are used to prepare dishes like stuffed eggs, soups and, probably the most well-known, Dippy Soldiers.

Somewhere In-Between

Eggs are used in a huge number of recipes, some more common than others. Why not try making a fancy entrée to serve at a dinner party?

Firm / Hard Boiled

Hard boiled eggs are used for many recipes such as pastas, pizzas, salads, sandwiches and even just by themselves. The harder they are the easier they are to slice, or alternatively to let go cold and have as a snack during the day.