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Infrared 3-in-1 Digital Thermometer IRT3W

Every good first aid medical kit should have a reliable thermometer for times of need.

The Duronic IRT3W infrared thermometer is just this; it provides accurate, reliable and fast temperature readings, as and when you need them so that you can stay on top of any potential high temperature.

This multi-use thermometer measures via both the forehead and the ear. In addition to measuring body temperature, it can also be used to measure the temperature of a room, bath water, food and liquid. This is perfect, for instance, for checking the temperature of a baby bottle or a jar of baby food.

The IRT3W features:

3-in-1 Design: This versatile infrared thermometer can be used to take the temperature from the forehead, the ear or an object from around the home.

Adult and Child Mode: As the normal base body temperature of children and adults is different, the IRT3W caters for this. By selecting the appropriate mode you can be sure your measurements are as accurate as possible.

Easy to Read LCD Screen: The clear colour-coded display allows for easier interpretation of measurement results.

Quiet Mode:
Ideal if you want to take the temperature of a sleeping baby or child, simply press the mute button to stop the thermometer making any noises.

Changeable Measuring Units: For ease of use, you can choose between using Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Memory Recall: This digital thermometer can store up to 20 records; this enables you to keep track of a raised temperature over its course.

Low Battery Indicator: A battery symbol will appear on the screen when the batteries run low and need to be changed.

How to Use

To use the thermometer, simply place in the ear or over the forehead and press the scan button, and the temperature reading will be shown clearly on the large LCD display.

Choose between adult and child mode to tailor your results and to ensure absolute accuracy when taking a temperature reading. The child mode is recommended for people under 12 years of age. Please note that this thermometer is not suitable for babies under 3 months of age.

IRT3W features

One-Touch Operation

The large power button is positioned on the front of the thermometer to enable easy operation with one hand.

Clear Digital Screen

The IRT3W has a large colour-coded LCD digital screen which displays information in a clear and concise way that is easy to read.

Comes with Carry Pouch

To protect the thermometer whilst it's stored away or when travelling, it comes with a handy protective pouch to keep it clean and safe.

Batteries are Included

This thermometer is ready to use straight from the box. It comes with two AAA batteries to enable use straight away.

Suitable for the Whole Family

The IRT3W digital thermometer is suitable for use on babies, children and adults.
Please note: the only exception is that this thermometer cannot be used on babies under 3 months old.

High Temperature Alert

This clever device will sound a bleep to let you know if the temperature measured is too high and the screen back light will turn red.
If you wish to use it without sound, simply mute the thermometer and only the back light will show.

Ear and Forehead Mode

Suitable for use on both the ear and forehead.

Use with the cover for measuring forehead temperature, or remove the cover to use the probe in the ear.

Object Mode

An extra feature of our infrared thermometer is that it can be used to measure the temperature of objects or the surrounding room.
This is particularly useful for checking the temperature of a baby's bedroom, bath water or bottle.