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AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION TO A DESK CLAMP: If you are looking for an alternative way to install your desk mount onto your desk that doesn’t mean using (or making) a hole in the surface, a based stand is the way to go.
COMPATIBLE WITH DURONIC DESK MOUNT POLES: The DM75 stand is compatible with Duronic DM15 DM25 DM35 D453 desk mount poles.
WHY USE A BASE: As standard our Duronic desk mounts come with a clamp that attaches to the edge of the table. However, if this doesn’t work for you, try using a weighted base like the DM75 to support your screen/s. Simply detach the clamp from the pole and attach the DM75 base to convert it into a free-standing mount. It can then be positioned in any position on your desktop.
HEAVY DUTY STAND: When paired with a pole and the appropriate arms, this DM75 stand can support up to 4 screens at a maximum of 32kg. If you are looking for a complete multiple screen mount please also see DM751, DM752, DM753, DM754 models.
FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Made of Steel. Size: 51cm in length