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Optimise WORK LIFE AND INCREASE EFFICIENCY - The Duronic DM12D1 is a desktop monitor stand for 1 screen. This model will provide the user with a low-profile solution that provides a small tilt up and down, along with the ability to adjust the hit and rotate the monitor. Just mount the monitor onto the desktop stand and adjust the height to give you the best user experience.
HEALTH BENEFITS & INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY - Problems with low-level monitors is the fact that in many cases the monitor is below the required eye level for optimum body posture, what the Duronic monitor stand does is allow the user to adjust the stand based on the height of the user to find the best height for each individual. Having the monitors at the correct height will reduce neck and back pain and have a positive impact on your productivity.
ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY & OPTIMUM VIEWING ANGLES - The Duronic monitor stand has an adjustable head which gives great flexibility in positioning your monitor. Depending on the screen size you will be able to position the monitors slightly up or down by 15°, you can rotate the monitor to be horizontal or vertical, and best of all adjust the height to achieve your optimum viewing position.
COMPATIBLE WITH VESA MONITORS - This monitor stand is suitable for most major branded monitors you find on the market which adhere to VESA compatibility. This monitor mount will support all monitor sizes between 17" to 27". VESA 100 or VESA 75 mounting hole compatible (the horizontal and vertical distances of the holes at the back of the TV must be 10 or 7.5cm). Instruction manuals are provided, and the stand can be up in less than 10 minutes as the unit comes with most parts assembled.
SOLID CONSTRUCTION & BUILT TO LAST - This monitor stand is made of steel and can support monitors up to 8kg each. It is a free-standing desk mount that stands on a solid steel base. All fitting accessories provided. The low-profile model protrudes less and is ideal for situations where space is limited on the desk.