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NO MORE EXCESS BAGGAGE FEES – Airlines have tightened their baggage restrictions for both cabin and checked luggage. If you don’t measure your bags before travelling you risk having to pay extra baggage fees if your bag is overweight. Avoid this happening by using the Duronic LS1014 scales; weigh your bag/s to ensure they meet the airline’s requirements and have peace of mind that you won’t face extra unexpected fees.PROGRAMMABLE – this model has a unique feature compared to our other scales; it can be programmed to remember the maximum weight you require. Once programmed, if the scales measure luggage that exceeds the set limit the LED light will flash to warn you. The instructions are printed onto the top of the scales themselves so you will never forget how to programme them.3 WEIGHT UNITS TO CHOOSE FROM – These scales have a clear digital display which allows you to read the weight in kilograms (kg), pounds (lb) or stones (st). Whether you’re familiar with the imperial system or the metric system, these scales will be easy to read and use. They have high-precision sensors for accurate measurements of anything up to 50kg, a tare function to weigh each addition to your suitcase separately, and an overload indicator to avoid exceeding the scales’ limit.ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - Made to be user-friendly; the handle is shaped ergonomically to give a comfortable grip to the user when lifting a potentially heavy load. Conveniently, the digital display panel is on the top to save the user from having to bend down or lift the luggage higher to read it. To use simply wrap the strap around the handle of your bag/case and lift the luggage off the floor slightly. The display on the top gives a quick and clear reading of the measurement.SIMPLE TECHNOLOGY, BUILT TO LAST – The luggage strap is made of woven nylon and has a strong plastic clip to hold the luggage securely. The scales have an ON/OFF button and an automatic switch-off function in case you forget, ensuring you save battery power. The usage time on the unit depends on the quality of battery used; this reliable model will get you to your destination and back home many times before you even need to consider changing the battery. Uses 1x CR2032 battery –included.