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FUN AND EASY TO USE – Measuring height can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply stand in front of the poster, place the LS302 flat on the wall at the same time as it touching the child’s head and press the button to take a measurement. Make sure the base of the device is touching the poster to gain an accurate reading. It’s so easy to use, even children can measure themselves independently and get accurate results!

COMES WITH COLOURFUL POSTER - Included is a bright poster which measures up to 175cm. Place it on a wall with the bottom at 85cm mark, and then use this to help measure your child’s height against. The poster is made out of special OID material which has the height increments stored into it.

MODERN ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL STADIOMETERS -  The LS302 gives you a whole new way of measuring height and growth without the need for using a cumbersome traditional floor-standing device. The LS302 is small enough that you can use it and then store it away easily for next time.

LEARNING TOOL – Letting children measure themselves or play an active role in the process helps them to learn about how to measure something and the units of measurement used. You could even start a log to keep track of how often they grow and how much, which can be a great keepsake for later in life.

SPECIFICATIONS – The LS302 digital diagnostic set has everything you need to get started; a tape measure, height poster and 3 x AAA batteries are included. Measuring range 85-175cm. Clear digital LCD screen. One-touch operation.