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Short Product Description

  • DIGITAL BATHROOM SCALES THAT COMBINE STYLE WITH FUNCTION: The Duronic BS504 digital bathroom scales have an eco-friendly design that will fit in with any bathroom. The scale platform is made completely out of bamboo wood and has a natural finish. It has a slim 2.7cm profile so it can be stored away in a discrete place when not in use. The scale features an easy-to-read LCD screen which remains invisible until the scale is stepped on.
  • INSTANT ACCURATE WEIGHING SCALES: Simply step on the digital body scales to turn them on and you will see the measurement show up within seconds. When you’re finished weighing yourself, simply step off and the scales will automatically switch off after 10 seconds to save power. The digital bathroom scales should be used on a flat even floor for accurate results – the weighing scales cannot be used on carpet.
  • MEASURES UP TO 180KG: Keep track of your weight with these accurate digital body scales. Equipped with four high precision sensors these body weighing scales will give an accurate reading every time. The digital bathroom scales have been made to withstand a heavier weight of up to 180kg / 28st / 397lb. The extra-large easy-to-read digital LCD screen stays off until the bathroom scale is stepped on. Once activated, the blue backlight glows and black digits clearly report the weight measured within seconds.
  • SWITCH BETWEEN IMPERIAL AND METRIC: Choose from kilograms, stones and pounds or just pounds to measure. Change the measurement units easily and as often as you like by pressing the button on the underside of the digital bathroom scales / Body Weighing Scales.
  • BODY SCALES FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Weighing scale range: 5kg-180kg/11lb-397lb. Measurement units: kilograms (kg), stones/pounds (st:lb) and pounds (lb). Platform colour: natural bamboo wood. Digit colour: black. Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 3cm (11.8x11.8x1.2in). Low battery indicator feature lets you know when to change the batteries. Uses 3x AAA batteries Batteries included with the digital body scales.

Enhanced Description

Digital Digital Bathroom Scales BS504 

The Duronic BS504 digital weight scale has a unique wooden design that will look outstanding in any bathroom. The platform is made from a beautiful bamboo which, as well as being super strong and robust, is a natural sustainable material compared to many others.

The simplistic design of these digital bathroom scales makes weighing yourself daily as easy as it can possibly be. Simply step on the digital weight scale and your weight will show up instantly on the crystal clear digital screen.

It has a blue backlit LCD display shows the measurement results clearly from a distance and you have the option to change units from kilograms, pounds and stones.

Their slim 3cm profile means they can be conveniently stored away in even the tightest of spaces between or behind furniture, the toilet or even the bathroom sink.

Compact Slim Design 

The BS504 digital bathroom scales has a slim profile which makes it easy to store away when not in use.

The bamboo platform is 30x30cm/11.8x11.8in which means that it has enough foot space to comfortably stand on, as well as providing extra stability to obtain the most accurate readings.

Large Digital Screen for Easy Viewing 

The crystal clear LCD screen displays your weight clearly from any angle and has a blue backlight that illuminates when the scales are on.

The measuring range for the BS504 digital bathroom scale is 5-180kg / 397lb / 28.5st.

Change between Metric and Imperial 

Want to change the units of measurement? No problem.

On the reverse of the digital bathroom scale is a Unit button which allows you to alternate between kilograms, pounds, and stones.

Automatic Switch On 

Checking your weight daily needn't take more than a few seconds.

Simply step on to activate the digital weighing scales, step off to all it to calibrate than step back on to view your weight which will then instantly appear on the screen.

Always Use on Hard Flooring 

For accurate results we recommend using these digital bathroom scales on hard, flat, even surfaces only.

Do not use on carpet, rugs or soft outdoor ground.

High Precision Sensors 

Four high precision sensors allow the digital bathroom scale to weigh you accurately every time.

Non-slip pads adorn the feet to ensure complete stability when using the digital bathroom scales in your bathroom or on smooth surfaces.

Three AAA batteries are included so that you can use your digital bathroom scale straight from the box!