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DH20 Large Dehumidififier

During the colder months buildings become warmer inside than outside; a natural result of this is condensation and increased humidity in the indoor environment.

You'll notice the effects of excess moisture in condensation on the windows, water stains on the ceilings or walls, black spots/mould spores appearing on walls and ceilings, and you can even detect it by the distinctive musty mildew smell.

A small amount of moisture can be manageable, although it can often lead to larger problems with mould and damp setting into the brickwork and plaster. If this happens paintwork becomes stained, wallpaper starts to peel off the walls, it starts to smell and can be quite hard to remove.

High levels of humidity can also have a negative impact on your health as it can aggravate allergies and in the long-term cause more severe illnesses.

If you’re looking for an effective solution to the condensation/high humidity problem in your home or office, a dehumidifier is the best solution. As the name suggests, a dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the surrounding air. It does this by cleverly collecting it into a tank which can be removed and emptied, or alternatively it can also use a pipe to drain the water away constantly which alleviates the need to empty the tank.

The Duronic DH20 Dehumidifier is a fantastic device that will do its job perfectly. It’s highly effective, energy efficient, produces very little noise and when left to run will reduce the humidity in the air and ultimately make your environment a more pleasant place to be.

DH20 Features:

Laundry Mode

Hanging wet laundry can be a pain in the winter as it takes several days to dry and, in the process, makes the place smell and feel musty.

The DH20 has a laundry mode which gives a boost to help remove extra moisture caused by wet laundry, consequently drying it much quicker at the same time.

If you want to use a dehumidifier specifically for drying laundry, it's best to place the laundry in the smallest room possible with the dehumidifier and close the door. This will enable to machine to work more efficiently to get the laundry dry in the shortest time possible.

3 Speed Settings

Finding the right level of humidity in your home can be battle without a dehumidifier. You wake up to windows dripping in condensation, but your house is cold. On goes the heating, but you also tend to open the windows at some point to ventilate and help the moisture (and musty smell) to clear. It’s a frustrating cycle that seems to last all winter long. As such you waste energy, time and money.

With the DH20 you can adjust the speed settings to ensure you’ll awake every morning to a dry house; the building will retain the heat better because it’s no longer damp and you no longer need to open the windows so frequently. You may even find you don’t need to turn up the heating so often!

Program to Suit Your Needs

It features a smart simple-to-use illuminated digital display which allows you to alter your desired humidity level between 40-70%.

Controlled by a built-in humidistat; it will control the humidity levels perfectly to suit your preference and create a comfortable atmosphere.

For peace of mind and convenience, it has an auto shut-off function which keeps track of how full the water tank is; when the tank has reached its full capacity, the dehumidifier will automatically turn off.

The ability to Remove 20L a Day

The DH20 boasts a large 4L water tank which is easy to remove, empty and place back. If emptied regularly the DH20 can work to collect and remove 20L of water per day.

The water tank blends in with the unit body and has integrated handle which makes removal and replacement simple and easy. It also has a second handle on the top of the tank which makes carrying the full jug easier.

Switch it On and Leave it to Work its Magic

On the back of the DH20 is an opening which allows you the option of attaching a water outlet pipe; this enables the collected water to drain away freely and consistently without the need for you to go back and check the water tank or empty it. Using this continuous draining method, you are able to leave it on overnight or all day while you are out.

If you do choose to use the hose, please ensure that the it runs downwards from the machine and does not have any kinks or blockages.

A hose with a 14mm inner diameter is required for this machine. The hose is not included.

Easy to Move and Store

This machine is supported by 4 sturdy caster wheels, has an easy-lift handle to help with moving the machine, and a wire management system on the back which enables you to wind up the cable when it's not in use.

You can position the dehumidifier in any room of the house, but we recommend placing it in the room worst affected by damp.

If you're drying laundry position the unit in the same room for the quickest result.