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ICE MAKER MACHINE DELIVERS IN MINUTES: The Duronic ICM12 Countertop Ice Cube Maker Machine boasts a quick 6 minute ice making cycle, ensuring you have perfectly formed bullet ice cubes at your fingertips, preserving the full flavour of your beverages.

ABUNDANT ICE SUPPLY FROM THIS ICE CUBE MAKER MACHINE: The Duronic Countertop Ice Cube Maker Machine with a capacity to produce up to 12 kg of ice daily, this ice maker machine eliminates the need for traditional ice cube trays. Enjoy a steady supply of ice, ideal for daily use and entertaining guests.

SLEEK AND PORTABLE ICE MAKER MACHINE DESIGN: With its stylish, compact profile, the ICM12 Ice Maker Machine seamlessly complements your kitchen countertop and is portable for parties or vacations. This ice cube maker machine not only functions well, but is also sleek and compact and can blend well into any modern kitchen.

USER-FRIENDLY ICE MAKING MACHINE OPERATION: The intuitive control panel features LED indicators guiding you through the Ice Maker Machine process. A simple power button ensures ease of use, while the removable ice basket simplifies serving and cleaning. The bullet shape ensures that the ice cubes will melt at a slower rate ensuring that the drinks get colder faster without diluting the drink.

EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE: Powered by a 120W motor, the ICM12 ice cube maker machine offers efficient ice production. The 1L ice making machine tank and 600g ice basket capacities keep your supply steady, short 6-8 minute ice making cycles, you'll have an abundance of ice available quickly. Keep your favourite drinks cool with the Duronic Ice Cube Maker Machine. The 1.3m cable length provides flexibility in placement.

EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN: The ICM12 countertop Ice Maker Machine includes a drain plug for easy removal of excess water, and it comes with an ice scoop and removable ice basket for added convenience. This ice making machine’s pristine white finish suits any setting, and the 3-pin UK plug ensures effortless setup.

VERSATILE BACKUP ICE SOURCE: Beyond home use, this electric Ice cube maker machine serves as a dependable backup source for ice. Ideal for situations where built-in ice makers fail, in offices without kitchens, for caravans, camping, or for catering events. This ice making machine is a flexible cooling solution requiring only a power outlet and water. Dimensions: 28D x 20W x 26.5H cm.

CRAFTED FOR ENHANCED ENJOYMENT: The ICM12 Ice Cube Maker Machine is designed for exceptional performance and your comfort. A reliable and efficient choice, it ensures consistently enjoyable chilled drinks, perfect to make iced coffee recipes, smoothies, milkshakes, mojitos, cold drinks, and more.

Enhanced Description

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Duronic Ice Maker ICM12 BK

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Duronic Ice Maker Machine ICM12 BK

Discover the ultimate convenience with our Ice Maker with Built-In Sensor. This innovative ice cube maker features a built-in sensor that automatically stops ice production once the ice maker reaches full capacity, ensuring you never have to worry about overflow. With a generous 1L capacity, it’s designed to meet all your ice needs, whether for making cool drinks, refreshing smoothies, or preparing quick ice packs.

In just 7-8 minutes, this ice maker produces 8 bullet-shaped ice cubes, and with two size options available, you can select between larger or smaller ice cubes to perfectly suit any drink or occasion. The powerful 120W ice cube maker is equipped with easy one-touch operation, allowing you to choose your preferred ice cube size with a simple control panel. The ice making machine also alerts you when the basket is full or when more water is needed, adding to the convenience and peace of mind.

Versatile Uses for Your Ice Maker:
Keep Your Bottles Chilled: Fill an ice box with the ice cubes produced by the ice maker to keep your drinks cool for extended periods, perfect for parties or picnics.
Keep Your Drinks Cool: Use the ice cubes to chill your celebratory drinks, ensuring your guests enjoy every sip to the fullest.
Make Ice Packs for Quick First Aid: The ice maker provides ice ideal for quick first aid, cold compresses, and various therapeutic applications.
Keep Fish Cool and Fresh: Use the ice to maintain the freshness of your produce and fish, keeping them at optimal temperature levels for longer periods.

Creative Drink Ideas:
Iced Cocktails and Mocktails: Elevate your gatherings by using the ice maker to scoop ice, perfect for cocktails and mocktails.
Refreshing Slushies: Enjoy summer with personalized slushies made with ice from the ice maker.
Cool Smoothies: Add ice from the ice maker to your smoothies for a refreshing, healthy drink.
Iced Coffees and Frappes: Coffee lovers will appreciate the ice maker for crafting daily iced coffees, from simple iced americanos to experimental Frappuccinos.

With its robust features and versatile functionality, this ice maker is a perfect addition to any home, enhancing your beverages and maintaining freshness with ease.

Features of the Duronic Ice Cube Maker ICM12 BK

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Ice Maker with Built In Sensor

This ice-making machine features a built-in sensor that automatically stops ice production when the ice maker reaches full capacity providing you with peace of mind knowing it won't overflow.

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Ice Cube Maker with 1L Capacity

This ice maker boasts a generous 1L capacity, ensuring you can produce enough ice for all your needs. Whether that's making a cool drink, refreshing smoothie or for a quick ice pack, this ice maker has ample capacity for it all.

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8 Ice Cubes every 7-8 Mins

This ice maker produces 8 bullet-shaped ice cubes every 7-8 minutes. With two size options available, you can choose between larger or smaller ice cubes to suit different drinks and occasions every time.

ICM12 BKImage3.jpeg copy.jpg__PID:00a8257c-dcd4-46e7-9cb9-91c3a214bbd9

Ice Making Machine with One Touch Operation

This powerful 120W ice cube maker offers easy one-touch operation. The single control panel lets you choose between large or small ice cubes and notifies you when the basket is full or needs more water.

What Can You Do With An Ice Making Machine?

ICM12 BKCool Box.jpg__PID:ce6eb328-fd97-4d00-a825-7cdcd476e71c

Keep Your Bottles Chilled

Use the ice cubes produced by the ice maker to fill an ice box and keep your drinks cool for extended periods. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a picnic, these ice cubes will ensure your beverages stay refreshingly cold.

ICM12 BKIce Bucket.jpg__PID:fd97ad00-a825-4cdc-9476-e71cb991c3a2

Keep Your Drinks Cool

Use the ice cubes from the ice maker to keep your celebratory drinks cold and perfectly chilled, ensuring your guests enjoy every sip to the fullest.

ICM12 BKFirst aid.jpg__PID:6eb328fd-97ad-40a8-a57c-dcd476e71cb9

Make Ice Packs for Quick First Aid

The ice maker machine is versatile, providing ice that can be used not only for quick first aid and cold compresses but also for various other practical and therapeutic applications.

ICM12 BKFish.jpg__PID:b328fd97-ad00-4825-bcdc-d476e71cb991

Keep Fish Cool and Fresh

Use the ice made by the ice maker to keep your produce and fish fresh and cool, ensuring they stay at optimal temperature levels for longer periods.

What Drinks Can You Make?

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Iced Cocktails and Mocktails

Use the ice maker to scoop ice and elevate your cocktails and mocktails. Perfect for a small, friendly gatherings.

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Refreshing Slushies

Indulge in refreshing slushies during the summer months. Make personalised slushies using the ice from the ice maker.

ICM12 BKSmoothies.jpg__PID:dcd476e7-1cb9-41c3-a214-bbd9c380668d

Cool Smoothies

Add the ice from the ice maker into your smoothies for a refreshing cool drink without compromising on your health.

ICM12 BKFrappe.jpg__PID:28fd97ad-00a8-457c-9cd4-76e71cb991c3

Iced Coffees and Frappes

For coffee lovers, the ice maker is a valuable tool in helping make your daily iced coffee. Whether you like a simple iced americano or experimenting with different flavours for your Frappuccino, this ice maker is the perfect addition.

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