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TWO-SIZED ICE CUBES FOR INCREASED VERSATILITY - Make large and small sized ice cubes with this Duronic Ice Maker enabling versatility. Whether you prefer mini ice cubes for quick chilling in cocktails or larger ice cubes for slower melting in iced teas, this ensures that each drink is perfectly complemented without compromising on taste or texture. This versatility enhances the overall drinking experience, allowing everyone to enjoy their favourite beverages just the way they like them.

HOW TO MAKE PERFECT ICE CUBES EVERYTIME? This ice making machine creates consistent bullet shaped ice cubes that are round at the top and flat at the bottom and turn out the same every time. The increased surface area that is provided by this shape increases cooling efficiency allowing for drinks to be cooled faster. The bullet shape also ensures that the ice cubes will melt at a slower rate ensuring that the drinks get colder faster without diluting the drink.

12KG DAILY ICE PRODUCTION FOR ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE - This ice maker produces up to 12 kg of ice daily, perfect for family gatherings and preparing multiple drinks. Its large capacity eliminates the need for multiple ice cube trays in the fridge freezer. With a 1L tank and ice holding capacity, plus short 6-8 minute ice making cycles, you'll have an abundance of ice available quickly. Keep your favourite drinks cool with the Duronic Ice Cube Maker.

WHAT CAN YOU MAKE USING THE ICE MAKER? Use this ice machine for your daily glass of iced coffee,tea or matcha. Add ice to your mojitos, mocktails, cocktails, slushies and use the ice to create different desserts including flavoured shaved ice. With its continuous ice production, the dispenser ensures a steady supply of ice for any occasion. You can even collect ice for post-gym recovery ice baths or create ice packs to soothe swollen and injured muscles.

DRAINAGE SYSTEM AND SENSOR FOR PEACE OF MIND - With a built in sensor, rest assured knowing that the tank will not overflow. Once the basket is full, the drinks cooler will automatically shut down to prevent overflow and to save power. Additionally, with a drainage system at the bottom, cleaning and removing excess water is simple. For the self cleaning mode, the power button needs to be held for 3 seconds to start the process.

COMPACT AND SIMPLISTIC DESIGN - This ice maker has a very compact, simplistic and easy to use design. The control panel turns the machine on, changes the size of the ice cube and facilitates self-cleaning. The panel also flashes when the water in the tank is too low or when the ice made has reached maximum level. This ice maker not only functions well, but is also sleek and compact and can blend well into any modern kitchen.

SPECIFICATIONS - This Duronic Ice Maker has dimensions of 26(H) x 20(W) x 28(D)cm allowing it to fit well into any space. With a weight of under 7kg, a UK plug and a cable length of 1.3m, it’s durable and convenient to use.Operating at 120W, this ice maker efficiently produces up to 12 kg of ice per day and with a 1-litre water tank and Ice holding basket, it offers ample storage for ice cubes.