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CREATE A TIDY AND SAFE WORKSPACE: Especially designed to follow the up-down movement of sit-stand desks, the CM1DM cable tidy bends and curves to move with the flow of a height-adjusting table. The CM1DM provides protection for cables and wires that have to run from the desktop to the floor, as well as keeping them held together in one place to avoid the user’s feet getting caught in them under the desk or any longer wires hanging out unsafely.


HOLDS AT LEAST 16 CABLES: This cable spine is divided into four different channels so you can easily separate and organise data and power cables into different sections. This division allows for easy maintenance should a particular wire need to be located and also makes it an easier task to remove or add any cables after the initial installation. Each channel can hold at least 4 cables in place.


ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: The Duronic CM1DM is 130cm long and can be used straight from the box on all of our Duronic sit-stand desks. It is also possible to manually remove or add the interlocking blocks to adjust the spine to the length you need.


EASY TO MOUNT: This cable snake has a steel L-shaped plate that screws onto the underside of the table ledge, and a steel base plate that anchors it to the ground. It is very easy to assemble from the box, with only 3 screws to fix into place, and the wires easily press through into the channels. 


FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Colour: black. Spine consists of 30 removable links. Size of spine: 130x6.9x3.6cm / 51.2x2.7x1.4in. Compatible with most office desks and all Duronic Sit-Stand desks.